2016-11-01: Eyerly Felder community call with Sean Andrews, Engineer

Sean Andrews is a Targeted Individual

http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/141476 2016-11-01


Sean Andrews' bio:
PhD Material Science and Engineering, MS Physical & Organic Chemistry, BS Medicinal Chemistry, BA Chemical Education. 
Worked with DARPA, DOE, NIH, NSF, NASA.


Tunable paper-based diagnostic device for portable field sample analysis
Technologies using water as field source and vehicle application Flexible electronic display devices as wearable for camouflage applications.


Sean Andrews based on his searches of unclassified documents and military school manuals presented a very detailed organizational framework within the State that is responsible for the gang-stalking of the Targeted Individual Program. He mentioned that this is under the Department of Defence (DOD) unconventional warfare and the Joint Operative Concept and that it is performed by irregular forces i.e. surrogates. These are termed “resistance organizations” and would correspond to the TI term “perpetrators” or “perps”.


Frank Allen called and mentioned that not all TIs experience gang-stalking and asked for the sources that Sean used which prove that this is done by the government. He also said that he is in contact with the FBI in Boston and that people are waiting for laws to apply. He mentioned that he knows 13-14 TIs who know exactly who are the people that target them and that all those are in the private sector. On a lighter note he mentioned that he would prefer if the perpetrators are with the government as opposed to the private sector, because in that case some rules would be expected to be in place. He mentioned that this started from the military but that now there are privatized sections. He also said that these methods have been deployed overseas, for instance in war situations, and that the people that come from war and sit behind computer screens in shifts and do TI control could in some cases be similar to addictive computer gamers.


Sean Andrews at about 1.00.00 referred to shielding and mentioned using inflatables with water e.g. blanket and vest for protection.


Talking about technology at 00.54 he said that many attacks are measurable, that there are those with pulse frequency and that those that are spread spectrum which defeat most measuring techniques. He said that he can give parameters, he can't give the actual weapons, but he can say what they are not.


He also said that if invited again he could talk on “Behavior prediction modification”.


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