Posted 2016-11-20

Robert Duncan to create countermeasure for #TargetedIndividuals #BioHackedIndividuals

Excerpts from his comments on his post
« I've told everyone the theories of how to attempt to dampen or lessen the effects. I truly believed there was one smart, educated person in the TI group that would have figured it out by now. This is very old technology. I will build the first prototype but people need to learn human knowledge (...) »
« I have a few free days now that I'm done with the encryption algorithms before I get back to writing. I am going to build a chaotic triggering mechanism so that it will survive longer without adaptation of the system to the new body resonances. I will do a double blind study on a few TIs to see if it helps them. »
« What is the basic theory here. Earth Gauss MRIs are done. This means that the magnetic field generated by the Earth can be used with another carrier wave to align the spins of atoms in the body. When they are aligned they create a measurable flux which can be viewed as well as manipulated to a sensitivity of another complex carrier wave that depends on the individual's resonances. This carriers wave can induce entrainments in cellular communication and especially the nervous system including the brain. The idea is to scramble the wave that is inducing the synchronization of the Earth Gauss wave by changing the body's impedance and capacitance unpredictably. This will lessen the influence of the carrier signal that harms the bodies natural rhythms. »
« The old German WWII scientists gave their politicians a magnetic pulser at the Schumann resonance. I don't believe that would work today. »
« Done with designing the prototype circuit. I will order the parts tomorrow. »
« Parts ordered for prototype. Arrives in 4 days. It will take one day to put it together. Then I will test it on some local TIs. I will use a double blind study. If successful, I will get it mass produced and you will have your evidence for media outlets. »
« What happens next is up to you? »
On the efficacy of countermeasures:
« Some people have success and others don't. Could it be a psycho-somatic effect? I am going to do double blind studies. Could it be that some are above a threshold that can't be dampened just yet? Could it be that some people truly are schizophrenic and are finding other excuses? »
« Some solutions only work for a day or two. Why? I've told you the system adapts. I think I have an active jammer that will lengthen the time to adaptation. »
« I can give scientific reasons why some crystals would work, grounding would work, and magnetic pulses would work all for a while. I have told the TI community that a pseudo random effects generator would make it more difficult for the system to adapt to the biology but I didn't realize how unscientific the TI community is and that no one ever tried it. The nay sayers just make me want to give up on them. I can already feel losing my motivation to help you people again. » (Robert got a comment from a TI saying no to a specific approach).
« Many cures including balancing brain chemistry take weeks to months. I am often disappointed by TIs that say I tried it for a few hours or a day and didn't benefit so I gave up. »
A TI asks Robert is he was ever targeted, if he was a targeted individual.
Robert will mention among others that "since he knew how it basically worked both psychologically and physically", "his fear subsided in a month". He added: « The death threats to my family were the ones that got to me », « Standard military breakdown and protocol.»
Many thanks to Robert for his courage, his work, his support of Targeted Individuals, his books on the subject. Best wishes.
Note from the post in reference to a grounding kit : « The body acts like many different antennas with all the electromagnetic pollution. It makes sense to dampen these extraneous signals by grounding to the Earth. The noise or accidental resonances with biological cellular communication for electrically sensitive people can be staggering. »
Keywords: active jammer - pseudo random effects generator - chaotic triggering mechanism





Dwight Mangum's grounding (earthing) kit: beneficial health effects for the general public and countermeasure for #TargetedIndividuals#BioHackedIndividuals


Remark by Robert Duncan


Reference for Earthing:
Refer to page 231 for "The Physics of Earthing by Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D."