The head as an electromagnetic cavity resonator or an acoustical resonator





The head can be considered as an electromagnetic cavity resonator or an acoustical resonator.

For background on electromagnetic cavity resonators please refer to Physics section "Cyclotron - Cyclotron Resonance - Vacuum Electronic Devices - Cavity Resonators".



The head an an electromagnetic cavity resonator - Use of resonance frequency as a carrier for an intelligence signal or as a means of enhancement of signal delivery and enactment


EEG influences using RADAR could be enhanced in an electromagnetic resonant cavity which could be represented by the head (or body)


"For the head, the resonant frequency is a function of head size, ranging from around 700 MHz in the infant to 400 MHz in adults (Gandhi et al., 1977)."

This is based on modelling the head as a 10 cm radius sphere.

Taking into account the detailed shape of the cavity of the head, including the shape of the brain and both its dimensions as well as its structural characteristics could provide a finer determination.


Use of an intelligence signal, such as a signal containing EEG information, modulated on a carrier wave with a frequency identical to that of the resonant frequency of the head would enhance its delivery and its maximal interaction with the brain, as standing waves would be set up and the signal would be confined or "trapped" inside the cavity (as opposed to being directly reflected towards the source). In a similar manner, wave interference required for signal delivery or EPR and NMR transitions which are necessary for current density mapping could be enhanced in a similar way.


It is interesting to note "the microwave resonator (cavity)" section from the Wikipedia page on Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (ERP)

"The microwave resonator is designed to enhance the microwave magnetic field at the sample in order to induce EPR transitions. It is a metal box with a rectangular or cylindrical shape that resonates with microwaves (like an organ pipe with sound waves). At the resonance frequency of the cavity microwaves remain inside the cavity and are not reflected back. Resonance means the cavity stores microwave energy, its ability to do this is given by the quality fact (Q) defined by the following equation: (...)"


It is alleged that Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) modelling is used to determine the resonance frequency of the head cavity of an individual (cf. shape/dimensions and structural features of head and brain) with the purpose of electromagnetic harassment.





Dr. Bacho reports transmissions of frequencies in the range of head resonance with the purpose of targeting citizens


Paul Batcho Ph.D. (Princeton University), former Senior DARPA Scientist, Staff Member Los Alamos National Laboratory warns of unlawful use of cell phone and microwave towers in Florida
Letter to U.S. Federal Agencies:
"Please investigate the transmission of the various frequency signals in the 450 MHz range. The band from 437 MHz to 478 MHz with peaks at roughly 6 MHz intervals appear to have sizable spectral energy components."
"There is unlawful use of the various lethal aspects of the technology. The technology is active and civilians are being targeted with harmful health effects."

Dr. Igor Goychuk reports incident of a perpetrator aquiring his personal biosignature frequency using a specific device


Discussion on the head as an acoustical resonator

Dr. Goychuk is Senior Researcher at the Institute for Physics and Astronomy, University of Potsdam and Privatdozent (adjunct position) at the Institute of Physics, University of Augsburg
"March 2001, Airport Seattle, awaiting a flight to Washington DC (short visit to National Institutes of Health, Bethesda). I was an invited speaker at the March Meeting of the American Physical Society. My very first personal encounter with V2K, I suppose, a very bizarre experience, some voices suddenly emerge directly in the center of your head, and chatter about you. Scary. I turned back, they were a Chinese looking girl keeping a flat device in her hands directed at me and a man who said: We have his frequency. Indeed, for realizing V2K via a thermoelastic acoustic mechanism one has to find first the main acoustic frequency of the resonator made by your head. For a resonator of a very complicated form such as your head this can be done only empirically. The amplitude of acoustic wave excited at this resonant frequency (in the range from 7 to 10 kHz for a human head) is maximal and it can easily exceed the human hearing threshold already for small microwave intensities. Then, one can realize an amplitude modulation of this main acoustic frequency via modulation of the microwave pulse duration, read here and pay attention to Eq. (1), which perfectly works empirically even for very complex resonators. How to transmit intelligible sound via this mechanism is explained here"
Dr. Goychuk cites Dr. Robert Duncan's book Project: Soul Catcher, v. II