Lilly wave - Balanced biphasic pulse 

Broadcasting the frequency for the emotion of fear has been deployed on the perimeter of military installations
Mind control signatures have been detected on the 60 Hz power grid. Use of the balanced bi-directional pulse pair or the Lilly wave which is considered as safe for chronic electrostimulation.


Dr. Patrick Flanagan: "we're electrical first, and chemical second and the scientists who are behind this effort to control people have decoded much if not all of the viable, valuable parts of the human emotion spectrum. The emotional spectrum is known in terms of hertz, megahertz and other kinds of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies and can be programmed.
We know that people who go near secure military installations will all of a sudden become very nervous and frightened and want to leave. They want to get the hell out of there and that's because the frequency for fear is being broadcasted on a perimeter basis all around the facility. This is really older technology, it's not new. Now what Pat has said is critical. We all know about cell phone towers, we know about the GWEN towers, we know about satellite applications of electromagnetic fields, we know about the HAARP program to pump up into the ionosphere tremendous amounts of electronic energy and then use that to beam back down specific and selected frequencies which can affect small groups or large groups of peoples and populations. But there's another main platform, a main venue that these kinds of frequencies are actually placed into the human mind at very close range and it's called the power grid and Pat was the first one that I ever knew to figure it out. So tell us that story about how those nice friendly 60 Hertz wires in your walls and your 60 Hertz powered electronic devices in your home can have a dual purpose at the very least.
Well you know, John Lilly was a good friend of mine, we worked together for the Navy on dolphin projects and John Lilly developed technologies for bypassing the mechanisms of the human brain that resists programming. And he developed, I'll tell it this way:
My friend Adam Trombley was also a friend of John Lilly's. He was in Hawaii looking at the power grid; and there are signals coming in the power grid that have some ultrasonic wave forms and a certain wave shape. And so Adam was looking at this grid on the power line (...).
Lilly walked into Adam Carly's house and Adam Trombly had the waveform up on the screen and John said to Adam "oh you know about my waveform" and Adam said "what are you talking about" and then Adam said "no this is coming in on a power grid" and then John Lilly said "oh so that's what they're doing with my waveform, the Lilly wave" and if you google the Lilly wave you will find just one reference to it. But basically it's a waveform that enables you to bypass the resistance of the human mind and program the brain and you can transmit fear, you can transmit any emotion, any kind of information you want on the Lilly wave.
And basically Adam had discovered that they're using it through the power grid. And subsequently I've been all over the country, all over the world and measured these things and apparently there are black boxes in the power companies that produce the Lilly wave and and they're associated with, you know, homeland security or whatever and basically these devices put ultrasonic wave for impulses riding on top of regular sixty Hertz waves and they are mind control waves and they're coming into everybody's house.
So the Lilly wave basically disarms the brain's ability to discern and decide. It just puts it in a neutral state where things just flow right out much like the flicker of the old TV set. First time you watch TV it takes about two minutes to get into that altered state. It's a not beta, it's down on the alpha, almost theta range, you become really a zombie and then after the first time it's a matter of seconds. The second time you watch television you're taken right into that state where things can pour right into your subconscious mind. So the Lilly wave was used first to disarm the mind. And then your theory is and Lily's and I'm sure Adams as well that the Lilly wave was then piggybacked with any kind of known decoded electronic signature that would cause a reaction in the human brain and consciousness. Fascinating.
That is correct and we know the signatures for every emotional state: the signature of fear, the signature of bliss, the signature of anger, all of these signatures are very easy to duplicate, recreate and you can, you know, disarm with a Lilly wave; it goes right in and then you put whatever you want in there plus whatever subliminal programming you want. You can create unrest, you could create civil unrest, you can create riots, you can do anything you want.
And the amazing part about it is it can also disarm the brain to the extent that the other platforms, cell towers, the GWEN towers, HAARP can also pump up and pump out any number of electronic frequencies that will then have a free ride and entree right into the human mind."
"There's a little piece on the Lilly wave and why it is the wave of choice, the wave form of choice. The goal was to find an electric current wave form with which animals - that can be us - could be stimulated through implanted electrodes for several hours per day, for several months without causing irreversible changes in the threshold by the passage of current through the tissue. All right. Many wave forms including 60 cycles per second sine wave current could apparently be used safely for these limited schedules of stimulation. They could not be used for the intensive long term schedule of chronic stimulation. Electric current passed through the brain can cause at least two distinct types of injury: thermal and electrolytic.
The technical problem in chronic brain stimulation and they're using electrodes in this particular study I am reading about is to stay above the excitatory threshold and below the injury threshold in the neuronal system under consideration. This result can be achieved most easily by the proper choice of waveforms and their time courses and less easily by the choice of the range of repetition frequencies and train durations. So they worked on this and came up with this final statement: the previous waveforms used in neurophysiology and in neurosurgery injured the neurons when unidirectional current passed through the brain. Dr. Lilly developed a new electrical waveform to balance the current first in one direction and then after a brief interval in the other. Thus ions moving in the neurons would first be pushed one way and then quickly the other stimulating the neurons and leaving the ions in their former positions within the neurons. This new waveform was called a balanced bi-directional pulse pair or the Lilly wave. Now what we're talking about here is that the Lilly wave has been introduced and basically piggybacked on 60 Hertz AC which is in every home, every office, every building and the idea is that it transmits it. We do know from an electronic reading of any sixty Hertz power box with a simple EMF meter that you can pick up electromagnetic fields five six seven feet away. So people who are living in a box, in a hamster cage which is a bedroom an office or living room are surrounded with this stuff and if they send a Lilly wave in piggybacked on top of it with other, well we won't call them control but we can call them influential frequencies, we have the perfect way to directly effect masses of people in their homes offices and other structures where they hang out."
"Well, that is correct and it is used in multiple levels. It's used with microwaves; also microwave stimulation of the brain. The problem with stimulating the brain continuously with microwave or control frequencies is that you can cause damage. You don't want to damage people's brain unless that's your intent.
But they're doing a good enough job on their own.
Yeah, but basically the idea is to stimulate, transmit the information and return the nerves to the former state and then the brain doesn't resist it because if the same signal keeps coming in over time the body can develop a defense against it. The Lilly wave is a wave form that prevents you from building any kind of defense."
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