Minister of Defense of Poland has launched an investigation for citizen’s complaints on Electromagnetic Weapons


In March 2016, the Minister of Defense of Poland, Antoni Macierewicz, during an interview which was presented at one of the major television networks in Poland (Fakty), was asked to comment on the following question: “Does Poland have a strategy in regards to illegal experiments, meaning the testing of electromagnetic weapons on Polish citizens?”


The Minister of Defense replied: “Right now we are doing an analysis to identify where people who complain of such ailments are located. I think that in 6 months I will be able to tell you more about these matters. But from the limited information I have received the regions of South West (Lower Silesia) and North West Poland are where most of the complaints are coming from.”


The reporter added: The Minister of Defense didn’t specify which commission will prepare the report of the experimental use of Electromagnetic Weapons against Polish citizens.




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Former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland received massive citizen complaints for deliberate irradiations by Electromagnetic Weapons


In March 2016, following the announcement by the Minister of Defense of Poland of an investigation for citizen complaints on electromagnetic weapons, former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, Ludwik Dorn, mentioned during an interview on Polish TV (TVN24 @kropkanadi.tvn24) that people were contacting him in masses, initially as a member of the Workers' Defense Committee (KOR), a civil society group in Poland, and later as a politician to tell him and his assistant that they were persecuted and deliberately irradiated.




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2016-09-23 : #OnThisDay 40 years ago Poland’s first major opposition group, The Workers' Defense Committee #KOR, was established

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