Miles Johnston, investigative journalist, created the Bases Project in 1994 to investigate allegations of Mind Control Laboratories in two UK secret military bases



Miles Johnston, investigative journalist, service provider for different UK media including BBC, senior technical director at SKY TV for 20 years created the Bases Projects in 1994 His purpose was to investigate allegations of Mind Control Laboratories in two UK secret military bases in Peasemore (Berkshire) and in Wiltshire. He received testimonies from Peasemore base employee, Barry King, and abductee and experiencer, Lisa Williams.


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Note that the BBC has expressed interest very recently on one of the investigative projects of Miles Johnston on a different subject.







Bases Project interviews UK secret military base employee in 1995 on mind manipulation program run by the base


In the interview VOICE FILES Bases 2 conducted by the Bases Project in 1995, Barry King, Peasemore base employee, is said to be releasing information on behalf of British Intelligence. During the video it is mentioned that the motive for this was a conflict of interest with NSA activities running on the base. At following episodes, the Bases Project inquired the reliability of this testimony.




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Transcript from video


Barry King (BK): Over the last two years I've been producing some documents called “The Voice”. This details an NSA-run mass mind manipulation program in this country. This program also involves microchipping individuals, genetic engineering and experimentation and it’s running from a base deep in the Berkshire countryside. I've been involved with this program for a number of years now. In fact, I was first inducted in 1972. I worked at the base which is located underground Peasemore in Berkshire as a security officer.


Q: What size of base is this?


BK: When I was there, the complex itself was approximately 450 yards by 650, but obviously since then it’s probably doubled in some ways (…)


Q: And how many levels?


BK: Six levels, main levels.


Q: And how far will that be down underground?


BK: The deepest point would have been about a mile. I only had access to a certain amount of information, so I only knew about those six levels.


Q: So starting from scratch how did you get involved with the base?


BK: I always sort of maneuvered into working there as opposed to just being a guinea pig like many thousands of others. So it was a maneuvered opportunity by the NSA to get me into the base where they could keep an eye on me as well as to actually take part in the security procedures.


Q: So did you apply to the Ministry of Defense?


BK: Oh, no, no, I was approached direct by the controls of the program.


Q: Why? Why did your name come out? Did you win the reader's digest competition?


BK: That would have been a nice way around it. No I was also a participant in a government-run survey since I was a child. This survey is ongoing and by 1972 (…). I was monitored very closely from 72 onwards. The survey is run by the governments of three main countries that is the UK, the USA and Canada. This survey is actually run from Harwell who have very close links as I said with Peasemore.


Q: What sort of links does Harwell have with Peasemore?


 BK: Because a lot of genetic engineering and experimentation takes place, obviously Harwell is the main place of the survey. They have direct links because the guinea pigs are taken to Peasemore and used for experimentation engineering. There is obviously a direct link with Harwell and a number of other establishments such as Porton Down.


Q: And where else?


BK: Watchfield over in Oxfordshire, the military science place is over there. Greenham Common is also linked. So is to Boscombe Down.  Boscombe Down is used mainly for the import and export of the hardware, used by the program.


Q: What sort of hardware are the dealing with here?


BK: What we are talking here (hardware) is actually super stealth type aircraft.


Q: So all the other, quite normal technology.


BK: I wouldn't use the word “normal technology”.


Q: Secret but advanced.


A: Very advanced. I mean some of the machinery that they got is advanced to a level where you could say that's certainly an alien technology was involved (…).


Q: So why would that suggest… I mean surely we are pretty intelligent ourselves...


BK: When we're talking of the technology that people had a glance at over at Groom Lake, Area 51, it's that sort of technology we are talking about. The hardware used is the hardware being tested at Groom Lake. It's been tested here in the UK since the mid-sixties. I mean they used areas around (…) in the sixties and so the reports around Warminster at the time, that was the hardware being tested.


Q: So what kind of hardware are we talking about? Flying discs, alien spacecraft (…)? A sport model?


BK: Well, I couldn't go as far as actually, yeah the sport typing, but certainly disc-shaped aircraft, triangular-shaped aircraft, I do know for fact that under the NATO banner one of the hardware devices used since the mid-eighties is a triangular craft quite large, hover capabilities, usually silent, that's been test flown in many Western European countries including Belgium.


Q: So that is our military…


BK: That is our military, our devices.


Q: So getting back to Harwell, what influence or what part does that play in the program?


BK: Because there's a lot of genetic engineering and experimentation, let's use the word “alterational modification”, perhaps that would be something more like it.


Q: Is that conducted on humans?


BK: It is, yes.


Q: So how does one actually realize that?


BK: You don't actually realize you're part of the program or the survey. Most participants in the survey are active from early childhood. You undergo more medical check-ups, more X-rays, more blood tests. You are taken to various establishments, usually Harwell itself at the main one. You are monitored biologically, medically, throughtout your life, as I said that is ongoing.


Q: So what key factor they are they looking for?


BK: I think what they're trying to produce in the long run is a Super Being.


Q: So is this derived back to the World War II experiments that had herded?


BK: Certainly the Paperclip scientists, yeah, who were captured by the Americans, mostly taken over to the USA. Certainly that sort of experimentation has carried on since 1940s.


Q: So you started at this base when?


BK: I started work in August-September of 1979 at that got on until about Christmas of 79. It came to a stage when I needed to physically do something about the why I was becoming aggressive and try to get away from the program.


Q: What is this program we are talking about?


BK: It is mind manipulation, genetic engineering as I feared. Because UFO research plays about fifty percent of the programs activities they use a lot of researchers, they use psychics. They stage abductions, so this is where the military abductions are coming from.


Q: So the military are doing these abductions and the aliens are doing that.


BK: I wouldn't say the aliens aren’t doing, obviously, there is ample evidence to suggest that there are alien abductions but certainly the military take more than they are finished here.





In a brief interview, Miles Johnston interviews Lisa Williams near the Peasemore base.


MJ: Lisa, what do you think is going on here? This is near RAF Peasemore, the underground alien facility, alleged.


LW: Nobody can confirm or deny what Harry is saying is going on and what I was told is going on but something nasty is happening. It’s horrible.


LW: First when I am coming towards the base, I get a really pounding headache and right by it the headache is really bad… I had to shut my eyes for a while… and getting further away from it goes away again. Totally weird here but definitely quiet.



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VOICE FILES BASES 2 - Selected Excerpt A


(Selected excerpt is continuation of Part I and includes a small portion from this)





Starting time point [8:12] from this video




Q: What is this program we are talking about?


BK: It is mind manipulation, genetic engineering as I feared. Because UFO research plays about fifty percent of the programs activities they use a lot of researchers, they use psychics. They stage abductions, so this is where the military abductions is coming.



M: And this is for what purpose?


B: This is to create an image in abductees’ minds that they have been abducted by an alien race (…). Also gives the opportunity for the military to microchip people, to indoctrinate them via mind manipulation, they can program people's minds, they can set tasks for these people to go out and do in any given time, at the flick of a switch basically.


M: What sort of chips are you talking about? Surely they can be detected under X-ray?


B: Under normal X-ray, no. These are very advanced, very sophisticated microchips and depending on where they are located, there is obviously a number of locations around the body, where they can be located. I have two.


M: Where would they be?


B: The first one was implanted behind the sternum. That doubles as a tracking device and a biological function. So they can monitor anyone’s biological functions, anytime. But because that was is placed behind the sternum, it is very close to the heart, it also acts as an initiator of a cardiac arrest, should the need arise to incapacitate someone.


M: And how do you know that? It happened in the past?


B: In 1980, yes, they actually tried out the device and this resulted in a massive cardiac arrest. I was rushed to St Bart’s hospital in London, and yes, it could have killed me that particular morning. Because of the power they used on that particular occasion, they left me with a slight depression on the left side of my chest.


M: That wasn’t picked up on the X-ray?


B: Well again, this is where the survey comes in. All major hospitals, certainly all regional hospitals have a computer database where any information, on any patient is typed in and eventually it will come up on the screen, if the person has any connection with the survey.


M: Exactly what influence do these implants have? And surely they can be detected by an ordinary X-ray.


B: They can be detected by CT (CAT) scans.


M: A brain scan?


B: Yeah, any devices and they use quite a lot of the cranial implants. They can be detected only by CT scan. Obviously, involves to say “look, I want a CT scan, it is going to cost me 450 quid, yeah, I am gonna have a CT scan and they ‘d pick it up.” But the problem being whatever hospital I went to have the CT scan is going go down on the record. It is going to get back to Harwell, on the survey: “Oh, Mr. King had a private CT scan to detect the implant.” And, you know, we would be back to square one, what would be the point?


M: Where is the second implant?


B: Well, as I mentioned, the first one is in the sternum and the second one is in the head.


M: About that second one…


B: The second one was implanted in 1979 at the base. First one in 1976. I underwent a full program abduction. At the time, I believed it was an alien abduction. It wasn’t until some time later I was informed it was a program abduction.


M: How many times have you been abducted?


B: I underwent a partial abduction in 1974. And a full abduction in 1976.


M: What do you mean by a partial abduction? What happened when you were abducted?


B: In 1974, I was due to be abducted at a place called (…).


M: How do you know you were due to be abducted?


B: Well, the craft came over, again this is looking back on information I now know, it was a program hardware, it is one of their craft that came over. The idea was to abduct me there and then. Even alongside another witness, another researcher at the time. At the last minute, just things were aborted.


M: Any reason?


B: None given to me. It is just listed on the files as a partial.


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VOICE FILES BASES 2 Prt 2 - Selected Excerpt I




Alternatively, starting time point [13:37] from this full video




M: And what is Peasemore?


B: Peasemore is an NSA Air Force security installation, it is a sub-service base at Peasemore underground.


M: Why it is called Peasemore? I mean we have been to the area and we didn’t find anywhere a signpost saying “US secret base underneath”.


B: And a big arrow pointing down…


M: Yeah.


B: On all official documents, Peasemore is the name they use. It is the closest village. I mean the very edge of the base would be directly under, within two miles of the village of Peasemore.


M: So where did the NSA originally set the place up?


B: Previous to Peasemore, they used another base, which unfortunately I am not in liberty to say where that base is at the moment. I have a schedule to keep to.


M: What do you mean by a “schedule to keep to”? What schedule?


B: I have been releasing information the past two years. It ‘s information that I have been asked to release.


M: By who? And why you particularly? Why didn’ they go to T.D. or MC(…) or “Quest International”? Why didn’t they send a nice big fat envelope to (…)?


B: They are being using a number of researchers here and in the States, the same things happening over there. The people who are assisting, who want to see this information get out, are a section of the British Intelligence. They are the Defense Intelligence Section.


M: The BDI?


B: Yeah. Now, they got to a stage where…


M: Why they are violating their various orders and all that?


B: They are definitely breaking the official secrecy even by giving me information, passing information but it ‘s got to the stage where they realized that the NSA are literally going to take over the intelligence network not only in this country but virtually in the end in the whole world.


M: And who runs the NSA? Is it the Reptilians or what?


B: No one knows. This faceless bunch of characters who are above the NSA. No one knows who they are. But certainly the NSA have got more than enough clouds.


M: So the British Defense people are getting a bit peeved off that…


B: They are getting worried. I mean, the program diverted some years ago to a very sinister side where they were using spare parts from humans. They were abducting people, a lot of these people that never saw the light again, they were used as spare parts.


M: That is like the film “Coma”?


B: Very like the film “Coma”. In fact, that sort of regional hospital policy where they get taken to a certain operating theater and that’s a termination room. Think of that laterally and that is what happens at Harwell and Peasemore. Various individuals are abducted, taken there, they never come out again, they are used as nice hobby specimens…


M: Again, are they genetically selected by any particular reason or are we dealing with a relatively random catch?


B: In the beginning it was just a random thing, anyone would do. Obviously we can get a number of good spare parts from this person, all well and good, but then they started to get very fussy.


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VOICE FILES BASES 2 Prt 2 - Selected Excerpt II


Start at time point 3.55 at this video


Alternatively, start at time point 25:14 from this full video




UK secret military research base employee talks of Electronic Brain Link (EBL), a Brain Computer Interface technique for imagery transfer and mental task setup.


Cites mind alteration or brainwashing techniques such as :

1. Post-hypnotic blocks and reversal : creating mental gaps and filling them up (I do not recall going to the base – I do recall).

2. Triggers of dormant tasks for sleeper agents. A mental task is programmed and is activated or « triggered » by a phrase.


Interview by Miles Johnston's “Bases Project”. Employee said to be releasing information on behalf of British Intelligence when an NSA conflict occured.


M: You mentioned something about a trip seat?


B: Yeah, there is an area of the base called the Labs and Electronic Areas. Situated in the labs are devices which are called trip seats and these are very large chairs connected to very advanced computer systems. And a guinea pig is strapped to this chair. You are interfacing directly with the computers. During this interfacing the individual is then programmed by the personel at the base to literally do whatever they want you to do. It is advanced psychotronics.


M: So how is this programming take place and what does it involve?


B: Again depending on what tasks they want that individual to perform at some stage... If you've seen the film “Telefon”, a 1977 film, “sleeper agents”, for wanting a better term, were activated by a simple single telephone call. They were given a phrase on the telephone, immediately...


(please refer to full video at time point 26:17 for a document by Barry King on « sleeper agents » and « triggers » that release an individual from dormant state and make him operable in reference to an assigned mental task.)



M: For assassination or...?


B: I suppose they could be used for that, although I 'd never really see that why there would be such a need.


B: On the trip seat so you're interfacing with the computers. You've got a very big wrap-around screen in front of you, this is holographic. There is also a special helmet adviser placed on your head, so literally all images, subliminal images will come through. They use EBL.


M: What's that?


B: Electronic brain link.




M: And what does that involve?


B: What that involves is the images directly being converted from the computers into images acceptable by the brain. They're implanted, they are held there until activated at a later time.


M: So is it a direct electrical connection to your head, to your mind?


B: You are connected directly to the seat which as I say comes with the computer and yeah you're interfacing literally, it's man and machine as one.





M: So is there any psychic use for this?


B: They use mostly psychics there. They enhance anyone with any level of psychic ability, they can make use of that. I mean military use people for remote viewing, targets in military installations in other countries. So any one with any trace of psychic ability... Yeah they will enhance that considerably. PK, remote viewing, a number of other bits and pieces.


M: So they are able to see what you're seeing in your head or is it just a one-way thing into?


B: They can actually see not visually see what your are seeing, they just know what they're pumping through to you. So they virtually know what's happening anyway.


M: So how do they know that you...


B: They give simple tasks first. Like say two days after being in the trip seat, then they will set you a task and if you can perform that task 100 percent they know it's worked and then they can actually program more sophisticated tasks for you later then.


B: In 1988 I underwent a truck stop. This is where the Defense Intelligence people came into the scene, in 1998. Because of that they've got access to exactly the same techniques used by the program at Peasemore. They brought me out of the post-hypnotic blocks.


M: So they reversed the process ?


B: They reversed the process, virtually gave back a lot of the information. There is still a lot blocked but they decided that yeah they will reverse as much as suited them with information to be released. So, yeah, I got a lot of conscious recall after they reversed the situation and they've sort of filled in so many gaps since.


M: Things as what ?


B: Well, physically going back to the base.


M: Which entrance did you use to get into the base?


B: Bravo, mainly, that's Greenham Common.


M: Which... we were there recently, that's through to the one of the large hangers?


B: Yeah.


M: The underground bunkers farther.


B: Yeah.


M: So what other things did they do to... and how was that involved... did they do that in the truck, when you had the truck or did they take you somewhere else and...


B: Well, the truck stopped me then. Because I was still under the control of the electronic brain link, and DIA having access to exactly the same...


M: So how did that work ? How were you under the control of the brain link ?


B: That's with that...


M: The implant?


B: The implant. They needed someone... their story is to suit their purposes, they needed someone to start getting some information out. A case of information was then given to me which included a lot of photographs, maps, codes. I was to hide that documentation and retrieve it at a later time.


M: So that's maps and codes and photographs of the base.


B: Maps, codes and photographs of the base.



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Barry King, UK secret military base employee and whistleblower, says that a lot of whistleblowers will come forward if given reassurances

Interview by Miles Johnston's "Bases Project"
M: Anything finally that you would want to say? Any word of advice?
B: Well, there is. I mean, there are insiders out there who probably know a hell of a lot more than I'll never know and there are a lot of people out there who want to come forward. Just give them the reassurances that they will be listened to, without being laughed at and they will come forward.
M: Can you help in that regard ?
B: Well, it is limited to what I can personally do. I mean I can only help with people over on this side of the Atlantic. I know that there is a lot of people...
M: Absolutely, locally.
B: Yeah... who are involved, and by making my documents known, they know I was involved; it might make them a little bit safer in coming forward.
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