On the causation of directed-energy neuro-attacks known as "Havana Syndrome" and "Anomalous Health Incidents" (AHI)


Examining the electromagnetic (electronic) fence used for space situational awareness.

Hypothesis: Allocating RADAR resources used for a national/allied electromagnetic fence used to surveil and protect land, sea, air, and space.
Digital beamforming or generation of "micro-fences" which are directed on human targets.
The fact that digital manipulations are required is in favor of this scenario.


The investigative scientific theory of magnetic resonance


The magnetic resonance frequencies transform humans to emitters and by signal reversal to actuation targets. 


Remote neural monitoring based on magnetic resonance in the Earth's magnetic field and biocorrelation


Why is a directed energy attack initiated by static electric charge build-up? (Ionized/electrified air and body surface)


Brain activity can be read remotely by RADAR imaging fields. Electron sensing constitutes a fundamental component.

Where are the sensors located or in other words where are the transmitters and receivers?

The answer is not simple. There are different sensors creating interference patterns.

What are the techniques and the instruments that can read/sense electron changes?