Electromagnetic harassment: “the crime that people complain most about on the internet”

Relevance to neuroweapons, to “health incidents/attacks" of U.S. and Canada diplomats and to the electromagnetic irradiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow

Harcèlement électromagnétique : "le crime dont les gens se plaignent le plus sur internet” 

Phénomène relatif aux neuroarmes, aux “atteintes à la santé” de diplomates américains et canadiens et à l’irradiation électromagnétique de l’ambassade des États-Unis à Moscou 

Human biofield monitoring and actuation

The electromagnetic targeting / actuation / harassment signal

Hypothetical mechanisms of "health incidents/attacks" and directed energy harassment

(including electromagnetic harassment)

Mécanismes hypothétiques des « incidents/atteintes à la santé » et du harcèlement à énergie dirigée

Individuals targeted with electromagnetic harassment and torture have responded to calls for submissions by the UN Special Rapporteur's on Torture  



Scientific subjects


Remote Cardiorespiratory Monitoring (Sensing) with RADAR and LIDAR

(Remote Cardiac Biometrics with LIDAR)


Doppler RADAR

Chip Transceiver (Emitter and Receiver)





Horn antenna - Katabi MIT lab "EQ-Radio"

RADAR approach combined with algorithms for emotion detection



FMCW / Homodyne


Parabolic antenna (dish) - RADAR cardiogram at 15 ft - Remote Vital Sign Monitor (RVSM) for Atlanta Olympics(1996) 



Doppler Laser/LIDAR

MIT Tech Review: "The Pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance—by their heartbeat".

(Remote cardiac biometrics)