The Big Biomedical Projects of our time

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Precision Medicine 

Brain Projects


#CancerMoonShot2020 - Cancer Initiative

RadioBio Program @DARPA




The U.S. government launches a $100-million "Apollo project of the brain" 





Interview of the NIH director by Charlie Rose Show on #Precision Medicine, #BRAINi and other research topics

(Aired 2015-11-04 on PBS - aired in Europe via Bloomberg TV)


Link to the full interview (begins with Precision Medicine)

Excerpt: "Dr. Francis Collins is the director of the National Institutes of Health. He has been described as quote “the man who holds the most powerful job in American Science”.

Mr. Obama has recently cast him with two projects, the Precision Medicine Initiative and the Brain Initiative."


A very inspiring discussion which leaves you with the feeling that eventually man via Bio-Science and Technology can defeat everything, all causes of human suffering!


(excerpt of the interview below)

On @PBS tonight, don't miss @NIHDirector explain topics like #gene editing, the AIDS vaccine & #immunotherapy …


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Check out @NIHDirector's great discussion about #NIH with @charlierose on @CharlieRoseShow tonight at 11:00pmET on @PBS!