Human body photon emission - Biophotons


 2006 Apr 3;83(1):69-76. Epub 2006 Jan 18.

Anatomic characterization of human ultra-weak photon emission with a moveable photomultiplier and CCD imaging.

Van Wijk R1, Kobayashi MVan Wijk EP.

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Spectral Power Densities and Whole Body Photon Emissions from Human Subjects Sitting in Hyper-darkness

David AE Vares, Blake T Dotta, Kevin S Saroka, Lukasz M Karbowski, Nirosha J Murugan and Michael A Persinger*

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 2005 Apr;12(2):96-106.

Multi-site recording and spectral analysis of spontaneous photon emission from human body.

Wijk EP1, Wijk RV.

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Light can be transmitted on the human body on cicuits that correspond to the meridians similarly to fiber optic cables




Body's Ability To Emit Light




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Photon emission from the head linked to production of biophysical pictures

Increased photon emission from the head while imagining light in the dark is correlated with changes in electroencephalographic power: support for Bókkon's biophoton hypothesis.


Dotta BT, Saroka KS, Persinger MA.


Bókkon's hypothesis that photons released from chemical processes within the brain produce biophysical pictures during visual imagery has been supported experimentally. In the present study measurements by a photomultiplier tube also demonstrated significant increases in ultraweak photon emissions (UPEs) or biophotons equivalent to about 5×10(-11)W/m(2) from the right sides of volunteer's heads when they imagined light in a very dark environment compared to when they did not. Simultaneous variations in regional quantitative electroencephalographic spectral power (μV(2)/Hz) and total energy in the range of ∼10(-12)J from concurrent biophoton emissions were strongly correlated (r=0.95). The calculated energy was equivalent to that associated with action potentials from about 10(7) cerebral cortical neurons. We suggest these results support Bókkon's hypothesis that specific visual imagery is strongly correlated with ultraweak photon emission coupled to brain activity.


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Alex Schiller I'm not sure, but I do know that Richard Alan Miller said that he used light and an ionizing field around the body in relation to auric fields of energy and gaseous discharge regions (such as the corners of one's nose) and could see colors such as in Kirilian photography. He is also a handler for INSCOM. I experience these pulses of energy quite frequently and even have anatomically specific pulses to certain muscle regions (SIGINT energy manipulation + satellite-based microwave laser guns).
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Alex Schiller The luminescence of the Kirlian Process is indicative of the energy state of the organism. But, what is the mechanism responsible? Following are several of the theories that have been proposed to explain Kirlian Electrophotography:

1. The proc
ess is a form of corona discharge, or cold emission of electrons. It is thought that such an emission could provide pertinent information about the nature of living organism.
2. The process is related to the bio-plasmic states of living organisms. There is a bio-plasmic or energy body primary to the physical body which is being photographed by the Kirlian technique. Or, the electromagnetic radiations being recorded are but the output of a much deeper life structure of a plasmic nature.

3. The process is the ionization of gas emissions given off by the organism. The high frequency electrostatic field excites the electrons of the gaseous field and the result is a luminescence. Gas emission varies with the state of the organism and serves as an information carrier and source (as studies on pheromones have shown) with gypsy moths and the like.

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Energy Field Medicine: Towards the Electromagnetic Signatures of Diseases


Interview of Valerie V. Hunt, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of UCLA by Larry Trivieri, Jr. , US writer and editor in the field of holistic and alternative medicine.

Valerie V. Hunt (1916-2014)    website:

Larry Trivieri Jr. Word Press Blog “Health on the Edge”:

"Some years ago, I had the great fortune of interviewing 12 of the world’s leading experts in the arena of true cutting edge health therapies. The result of those interviews was the publication of the book “Health On The Edge: Visionary Views of Healing in the New Millennium”. It was one of my favorite books to write but unfortunately, it did not find a market at the time and is now out of print. Because I regard the information it contains to be so vitally important, I’ve decided to make it available in its entirety right here. If you like it, please spread the world to others and tell them to read it too."

Excerpts from the interview:

The Human Energy Field: An Interview with Valerie V. Hunt, Ph.D.

by larrytriv

Introductory Note: With broad degrees in the fields of biology, physiological psychology, science education, and physical therapy, for over fifty years, Dr. Valerie Hunt has been a pioneer in every area of research she has undertaken. In the 1950’s, she established the neuromuscular patterns of anxiety and anger at a time when the only physiological research of emotions was chemical and behavioral. In the 1960’s, she added to the field of behavioral psychology with her discovery of neuromuscular nerve stimulation patterns related to nonverbal communication of individuals and cultures. In the 1970’s, while a professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, she developed a high frequency device known as the AuraMeter(TM), which is capable of recording the electrical energy (the human aura) from the body’s surface. In the process, she discovered that the energy radiating from the body’s atoms emit frequencies one thousand times faster than any other known electrical activity of the body. During the 1980’s and 90’s, using fractal mathematics, her energy field data produced the first dramatic chaos patterns ever discovered in human biological systems.

How did your research shift into this area of the field?

My academic background is as a neurophysiologist, and I was also a registered physical therapist. I was working in electromyography and electrocardiography, and I was interested in the patterns of electromyographic energy in the body that were related to emotions. Eventually, I established a pattern of emotions connected with neurological energy. In the process, I was the first researcher to have a telemetry, electromyography instrument. This was when the first astronauts went into space. They had to have monitors of their basic health — the heart rate, the blood pressure, and the galvanic skin response — sent from space. They did this using telemetry, which is a radio frequency instrument system. It would send a signal on an FM frequency down to the earth, where NASA would record the FM frequencies and know what was happening to the astronauts.

When I heard about this, I got in touch with NASA and the young scientist who had first made that telemetry instrumentation, and I had him build for me the first telemetry electromyography instrument. This meant I could test a person using an FM frequency, a radio frequency, process the data through my instrumentation and record it. And when I did this I found the electromagnetic energy field.

This was in early 60’s, and I thought, “Oh my God, what have I got here?” So I brought in researchers from the university’s chemistry, physics, and engineering departments. I said, “What have I got, an artifact?” And they kept saying I didn’t, that my equipment was working fine. They tested everything, and finally I realized I was dealing with a new kind of energy in the body.


I just ran the gamut, because at first I didn’t know what I was doing. But pretty soon I seemed to know exactly what I was doing. I was measuring an energy field that was in the form of light that radiated from the human body. It could be seen by aura readers and could be altered and changed by psychic healers, by hands-on healers, by all kinds of energy techniques. And it was extremely dynamic. It changed, and would frequently go back to where it was. Eventually, I found that I could measure the resting energy signature of a person. With some people I could get the signature in about fifteen minutes, which meant that, no matter what I did with them, they always had this dominant signature. But for others, it would take five or more recordings until I could find their signature – they were so dynamic and so changeable.

(...) there are certain parameters. First, for optimal health to exist, the field has to be very broad-spectrum and adaptive. Some of the people we test have electromagnetic energy that is in the middle of the spectrum and is truncated there. They can’t go very high, and they can’t go very low. They seem to dribble through life and struggle. Then there are the people, such as those who practice certain types of meditation, whose frequencies are extremely high, so that if something happens in the world, they don’t respond on the middle or lower branches. They respond on the upper branches. They have a certain kind of peace, yet they often die of hypotension (low blood pressure, cancer) diseases because they don’t have enough vital energy. And then there are some people who are in the lower ranges, which means they don’t have the high frequencies, but they have a heck of a lot of energy. They can do things that the rest of us can’t physically do even if we push ourselves to exercise and build more strength. These are the people who have difficulty with hypertension, skin conditions, anything that is hyper or excessive in terms of imbalances. The ideal field is one that has the low frequencies, the middle frequencies, the higher frequencies, and no major break in between any of them, so that they can play the total range of the piano, as it were.

The next parameter is power. Power is a quantitative measurement. You may have the complete frequency range, but the only place you have power is in certain aspects of that range. That’s where you operate from because that’s where you’ve got power. If you have power in the lower ranges, you will be physically active, and have vital dynamic life. I’m 85 and nobody knows it. I have lower frequencies and this keeps cells and organs working and keeps me looking younger. If you have great frequency in the middle ranges, you can easily handle intellectual issues and can solve problems. If you have power in the upper ranges, you can go into higher states of consciousness, find wisdom, you have levels of thought which are conceptual. But the ideal is to have power within the entire spectrum of frequencies.

Then there is the question of coherency or stability, which has to do with whether the field comes back to a resting state when it’s not being challenged. When the field starts to disintegrate or become anti-coherent, it means that things don’t go together. You will have frequencies out of sync and the energy does not flow. Now in the lower parts of the body there are more of the lower energy frequencies, in the middle body there are more of the middle frequencies, and in the upper body there are more of the upper. But this is not the same as saying that each chakra has a particular energy. It does not. It has to do with the nature of the field, and as soon as the field becomes anti-coherent things don’t flow. And the primary organizer of all of this is human emotion. It is the apex. When we shift human emotion, we can do amazing things with the electromagnetic field.


My basic recording has been 200,000 cycles per second, and I now have an instrument that records to 750,000 cycles per second. That’s a heck of a lot of data. And we put it through fractal analysis, which is the only kind that you should ever use on these data.


I look at the pattern in the electromagnetic field using fractal analysis. I look at the patterns of health and biological disturbances. I will soon have software that will enable me to conduct very sophisticated and complex measurements of these patterns. Not the simple things like brainwave patterns, EEG, which only go up to 100 cycles per second, or cardiograms, which only go up 150 cycles per second. The electromagnetic field does not even begin until 400 to 500 cycles per second, which is beyond the range of the nervous system of the human body. I’m talking about atomic and sub-atomic patterns — the transactions between the electromagnetic field as it radiates out from the body and transacts with the electromagnetic field from outside of the body, which is radiating in.


We can also display the pattern of disease in fractal images so that even doctors who don’t have a background in this area will be able to make a more effective diagnosis, including for conditions where the etiology is unknown. We will have the signature pattern of the major diseases. It is going to take me a while to do this, but eventually I will have the signatures for Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and so forth,


This is the future of medicine. When a patient comes in to see his doctor, the first thing that will be done is to record his individual signature. All diagnosis and treatment will start from there. We have to have the energy field of the person. We have to have the energy field of the disease or illness. We have to have the energy field of the energy which is being introduced, and then we have to have the energy field of the therapist, because the therapist is the part of the transaction.


I have recorded the signatures of healers who have healed pain. They have a particular frequency spectrum in their signature. They can walk in a room and merely by their presence they can stop pain. I have others that, if they come into the room, they’re going to create the pain with their frequency.


We can take the same frequencies of sound that we take in light and introduce them that way. Other people are terribly sensitive to color, so we can introduce the energy field by way of the color spectrum, in a form with which their sensory system is compatible.”


I have found that when people reach a frequency level of around 250,000 cycles per second, they will have a spiritual experience. I don’t care whether they are an atheist, an agnostic, or a Catholic or a Buddhist. The form of it may be different, but the nature of it is the same. It is expanded beyond ordinary reality. It is profound. It is full of light and that is a spiritual experience. For these people, when problems come in, they take them to the Lord, or into the Divine. And for some things that is the best way to handle them. Shipwrecked people who survive in the water for a long time can be an example of this. They couldn’t physically handle it, and they couldn’t rationally figure out how they were going to get out of that ocean when there was nobody there. Instead, they went into a spiritual level. At that level you lower your metabolism so low and you make everything so refined that you can live with less oxygen and nourishment, and even with extreme cold.




Electrical characteristics of the human body

Resistance and the notions of Volts and Amps


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