Video of measurement of AC body voltage with an oscilloscope

The closest to the walls of the room the higher the voltage that is induced in the body, due to the electric cables in the wall. Minimal body voltage in the center of the room.
Measurement between ground (grounding rod in the garden) and subject's fingers.
Near wall: 0.4 V | Leaning against the wall: 1.2 V
Center of the room (away from walls): ~0 V (electric noise only)




"How domestic electricity and appliances such as computers induce voltage in the human body"

Measurement of AC body voltage with a voltmeter or multimeter.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) induce AC (alternative current) voltage in the human body.
Measurement of AC body voltage with a voltmeter or multimeter.
Voltage is an electric potential difference between two points.
A common reference point is the ground or Earth. We consider that the Earth has zero electric potential. This is mainly because of its size. It is the largest structure we can use (ref.
We measure the voltage difference between a zero electric potential point (Earth) and the body and we refer to this is as the value of body voltage.
Video of measurement of AC body voltage with a voltmeter/multimeter and effect of earthing
1. Being at a distance of 2 ft/ 60 cm from a laptop & taking into account cables running in the walls: 2.25 V
2. Hand near laptop (at a distance of 2.5 inches/6.5 cm): 4 V
3. Hand on laptop: 13 V
4. Laptop on lap: 20.3 V
Transcript: "Hi, I'm Seth from Groundology and in this video I'm going to show how domestic electricity and appliances such as laptops and computers etc. induce voltage in the human body and how grounding can help with this. So this kind of test is very easy to do. All you need is a reasonably sensitive digital voltmeter or multimeter. The one that we're using here is the one that we sell on the Groundology website. It retails for around thirty pounds, it's quite an inexpensive piece of kit.
And we've got it set here to AC voltage. So this is important because the type of voltage which EMF induces is AC voltage. So the setting on this meter here is indicated by a V with a wavy line (V~). On all other meters it might say VAC or ACV. And we've got it set here on the range 20 V~ which means it will read up to 20 volts. That's a reasonably good starting point for doing body voltage readings.
Now we're measuring the body with reference to Earth, so the common or COM port of the meter is connected to Earth by this cable and this crocodile clip which just clips into the second terminal on the Earth connection plug such as you would get with any piece of grounding or earthing equipment. And then on the other end, it's just the standard probe test probe. And it's got a metal tip and I'm going to just squeeze that in the fingers of my hand.
And that will now show my body voltage reading on the screen. So you can see I've got about two and a quarter volts, 2.25 volts in my body. Yeah, this is not too bad here, could be worse, we're in a reasonably isolated situation here. It's a single building in the woods, no power lines nearby, most of the things in this building are turned off. So this is literally just from the electricity cables running through the wall and from this small laptop that's a couple of feet away from me over here.
Now watch what happens when I put my hand nearer to this laptop. As you can see, I'm still here 2 or 3 inches away from the laptop and it's almost up to 4 volts. If I put my hand actually on the laptop, you can see it goes up to about 13 volts.
If I take the laptop and actually put it on my lap, you can see how far it's gone right off the scale. I'm just going to put this up to the next range up. And you can see now it is reading over 20 volts (note - video shows 20.3 V) having this laptop resting on my lap, so it just indicates how it's the proximity to the electricity which really increases the body voltage reading.
So you know, if for example you have got electricity cables running next to your bed in the walls, you're going to have quite a lot of volts in your body, just you know. Which is one of the reasons why it's so important to sleep grounded. So let me show you now what happens, if I put my hand on this grounding mat I've got on the desk. I'll just start by putting one finger on the map and you can see, with one finger, it drops you know almost to zero 0.0, 0.3, 0.4.
If I put my whole hand on the mat, there we go, it's dropped completely to zero. So this is near 0, 0.1, it is a little tiny bit of voltage but really, really nothing to speak of considering I put the laptop directly on top of my lap.
So this is the way that I generally like to use computers. I will have a mat under my keyboard, if I am just done typing I'll rest my wrist on the mat, whilst I'm using the mouse again, my wrist is resting on the mat. And that, yeah, just keeps the voltage right down, as you can see on the screen there. And you know the same is true for using an earthing sheet, if you are in bed with an earthing sheet you know that your body voltage is going to be virtually zero.
So anyway I hope you found this video useful. If you want to find more information, more details about how to do a body voltage reading, then you can always download the user guide to this meter which is in the products accessory section on our website. Thanks for listening. Bye for now."




Earthing Kits


The Earthing Kit which was evaluated and recommended by Dr. Robert Duncan:
If necessary (for instance due to international shipping), you can alternatively purchase individual components from Groundology sites: English | Français | Deutsch | Svenska | Suomeksi | Polski. Type and you might be redirected automatically.
The equivalent is the "Personal grounding kit" with selection of grounding band of type "long" or "wide" from
Need to also "select connection for your country" i.e. connection plug.
I would advise to select "long" above and obtain also a grounding band of type "wide" for the wrist from the above link by scrolling further down and selecting "Replacement grounding band - Wide".
To connect this to the plug you will need an additional cord, such as the "Coiled cord - 6m" from link
It is absolutely necessary to get a "Socket tester" from link to check if the electric installation of your house is correct and can therefore allow earthing.