2015-10-29: Stroke on the occasion of World Stroke Day

2015-10-28: Sports-related Head Injury and Cognitive Decline





2015-10-29: #WorldStrokeDay  #StrokeChat

6pm CET (Central European Time) - 1pm ET

#StrokeChat from (US) National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke 


It’s #WorldStrokeDay. Join us TODAY at 1pmET for a chat about how to reduce your stroke risk! #StrokeChat

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How does the brain repair itself after stroke? GDF10 is a key trigger 

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NHS Choices ‏@NHSChoices (UK National Health Service) tweeted this link on #WorldStrokeDay (note: head bump with vessel illustration effect)

Stroke Mechanism Animation


journée mondiale de l’accident vasculaire cérébral #AVC 

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2015-10-28: Sports-related Head Injury and Cognitive Decline

Athletes can experience long-term effects of head injuries. Join the discussion TODAY at 2pm #NIMHchats