The U.S. #PrecisionMedicine Initiative


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Making medicine precise

"Tailoring treatments to individual patients has long been a goal in biomedicine, but US President Barack Obama gave this effort a big boost with his announcement in January of the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). As part of the US$215-million programme, which will award its first grants next year, the NIH and partner organizations will recruit one million people across the country, collecting genetic information, health records and even data from electronic health-monitoring devices. Researchers will use the information to look for links between disease risk and genetic and environmental factors."





"The time is right to unleash a new wave of #PrecisionMedicine, just like we did with genetics 25 years ago." —President Obama


"Every dollar we spent to map the human genome has already returned $140 to our economy." —President Obama #PrecisionMedicine



"The promise of #PrecisionMedicine—delivering the right treatment at the right time." —Obama: 

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"We will be able to treat all sorts of diseases that we have no idea how to tackle right now."  #PrecisionMedicine

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President Obama's #PrecisionMedicine Initiative would help develop better treatments for diseases like cancer.