2015-12-12: The Conference of the Parties adopts the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change



UN Geneva @UNGeneva

A new, universal climate agreement was adopted on Saturday See bit.ly/ParisText #COP21 #ParisAgreement pic.twitter.com/hjzS8aAr9K


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And that's a wrap! #COP21 adopts #ParisAgreement. Full text of Ban Ki-moon's remarks here: bit.ly/1mhds1P pic.twitter.com/Q0buqcPuUX


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PRESS RELEASE - 195 nations set path to keep temperature rise below 2°C bit.ly/ParisAgreement #ParisAgreement pic.twitter.com/WTihJdvU13

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Historic deal reached - Today the world is united in the fight against climate change. #COP21 #HighAmbitionCoalition europa.eu/rapid/press-re…



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.@MAC_europa on #ParisAgreement A major win for Europe, a major win for the global community europa.eu/!FD88mr pic.twitter.com/LbzjQCIW2z

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.@MAC_europa on the results of #COP21 climate conference in Paris : europa.eu/!tP33fy #HighAmbitionCoalition pic.twitter.com/mRbY6f8PrS

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The White House @WhiteHouse

BREAKING: @POTUS & world leaders just secured a historic #ParisAgreement to #ActOnClimatehttp://go.wh.gov/tb88p




#ParisAgreement a "tremendous victory for all." Check out U.S. voices at #COP21 on @Medium: medium.com/u-s-voices-on-… pic.twitter.com/a5SCvGQFcW


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"Together, we’ve shown what’s possible when the world stands as one." —@POTUS on the #ParisAgreement




#ParisAgreement is a victory for all of the planet and for future generations. -- @JohnKerry go.usa.gov/cKB5D pic.twitter.com/CXd769Qp2e



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Read the statement by Sec. @ErnestMoniz on the historic #ParisAgreement: twitter.com/ernestmoniz/st…


The #ParisAgreement is a big deal. What comes next is just as important: 1.usa.gov/1RiIzqK #COP21 pic.twitter.com/VDBugITWud

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COP21: Reconciling Economic, Social and Environmental objectives into one Climate Project


From the European Political Strategy Center, the EU in-house think tank 

EPSC @ECThinkTank   Dec 1

If #COP21 delivers, humanity will finally reconcile econ,


social & env objectives into one #climate project






COP21 works continue until Saturday 2015-12-12: New text on Saturday 9.00am


#COP21 President @LaurentFabius: "I will be able to present a new next to Parties tomorrow at 9 a.m." pic.twitter.com/FJkj9zWdHZ

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.@LaurentFabius "Sur la base des progrès accomplis, je pense être en mesure de présenter demain au Comité ma proposition de texte final"


.@LaurentFabius "It will be a huge step forward for Humanity" #COP21 #ParisAgreement pic.twitter.com/Q4u7z7tXfR


#EU team analyses latest draft of the #Paris2015 Agreement text ahead of all night negotiations at #COP21 pic.twitter.com/ukCEjuv8Tf

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Past midnight in Paris for #COP21. Everyone working hard. A critical moment, an opportunity we can't afford to miss. pic.twitter.com/LoardSMd85

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.@LaurentFabius "It has been a long and very intense night. I really thank everyone for their implication" #COP21




Just released: Report shows US provided 15.6 billion public climate finance FY 2010-2015. state.gov/documents/orga… pic.twitter.com/hjazlXL5ti

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COP21 2015-12-09: New draft agreement distributed to 196 participants


New draft agreement distributed to 196 participants available:




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.@JohnKerry today announced the US will double its grant-based, public climate finance for adaptation by 2020. More: go.usa.gov/cBFSH



Robert Redford @UNESCO to discuss storytelling for global action on sidelines of #COP21 bit.ly/1jLRW3o




 Department of State Retweeted

Great to see my friend @LeoDiCaprio at #COP21-- one of the most committed advocates for our ocean and our planet.


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COP21 2015/12/08: LPAA Focus on Innovation



At #COP21, govts & private sector commit to increase R&D for low-carbon technologies bit.ly/21M3k1y #LPAA pic.twitter.com/a51mQ6xnR4

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Arnold @Schwarzenegger: "California will reduce its CO2 emissions by 85% by 2050" #LPAA #COP21 pic.twitter.com/jkiyJ6JZYt

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[NEWS #COP21] Norway is going to double its contribution to the Green fund for #climate bit.ly/1lqPMrN pic.twitter.com/hIpHddnlBb

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COP21 2015/12/07: LPAA Focus on Renewable Energy


Renewable energy & energy efficiency can unlock climate solution bit.ly/1OK4OUV #COP21 #LPAA pic.twitter.com/F1YocsSvSc


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.@whitehouseostp Dr. Holdren at #COP21 on understanding weather vs. climate: Climate is what you expect and weather is what you get.



C40 Mayors Summit 2015-12-04


 Anne Hidalgo Retweeted




(Paris City Hall)





Today, we are at Paris City Hall to commit ourselves to acting without delay to tackle climate disruption, which is a global challenge to the daily life of our citizens and to the legacy we will leave to future generations.  

As the Mayors of 82 of the largest and most iconic cities in the world, we know that creating better cities changes lives. Through C40 and other organisations, cities are demonstrating that they have a key role to play in the international efforts to build social cohesion and resilience. For that purpose, we are fully committed to strengthen our collaboration as a network of city leaders, knowing that we each advance more quickly because we are able to work together.

Signed by the C40 Steering Committee


Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Michael R. Bloomberg, UN SG Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change




Department of State Retweeted 2015-12-04

Attending #Cities4Climate Summit? 20 sustainability directors from 19 countries visited US in Oct: go.usa.gov/3zFS9 #COP21


COP21 DAY 5 - 2015/12/03 

LPAA Focus on Private Finance and Pollutants


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Private Finance: bit.ly/21AUPGA

Pollutants: http://bit.ly/21AUPGA



COP21 DAY 4 - 2015/12/04

LPAA Focus on Transport and Buildings

Ocean Day



Comment on negotiations

"A long term goal, a deal on finance, a ratchet mechanism, rules"


We Mean Business @WMBtweets

Our "The Bottom Line" Day 3 #COP21 Analysis - An Injection of Momentum in negotiations ow.ly/VpC3r pic.twitter.com/9QVbtlic77




“they well know what such an outcome needs to contain: a long term goal, a deal on finance, a ratchet mechanism, rules etc. Over the remainder of the week what they need to find are the critical missing ingredients (…)”



The White House @WhiteHouse

.@POTUS on the task in Paris: "A long-term strategy that gives the world confidence in a low-carbon future." #COP21 snpy.tv/1YCZCos




Bill Gates tells Nature journal why he is in Paris for the conference


Nature News&Comment @NatureNews

Bill Gates tells Nature why he's in Paris for the climate conference ow.ly/VjvFB #COP21 #NatureAtCOP pic.twitter.com/Nj3nQNfJKy

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Addressing climate change takes all of us, especially the private sector going all-in on clean energy worldwide.

Bill Gates @BillGates
Cheap, clean energy will help us fight poverty & climate change. That’s why I’m investing in energy innovations: http://b-gat.es/1HzRpNL



.@POTUS Thank you for your leadership. What a historic day.



John Kerry @JohnKerry

Applaud @BillGates' announcement of world's largest clean energy research and development partnership. youtu.be/YhgIY-Vghj4




Spread the word: 154 major American companies are committing to #ActOnClimatehttp://go.wh.gov/ClimatePledge  #COP21

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Adding investors and corporate voice to the EPA Clean Power Plan gave it stronger value @MindyLubber @CeresNews #COP21



http:/bit.ly/1J2Lyud  #CoperSucar

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Season's Festivities at the US - Christmas National Tree Lighting - December 3rd

US Dept of Interior retweeted 2015-12-02
NatlParkService's avatar

Ranger Betty will introduce @POTUS at the @TheNationalTree Lighting tmrw! Watch live @ 5pm bit.ly/1OyjjLn pic.twitter.com/Udzn5wvHgA






Ocean Day

Don't miss the first Ocean_Climate Forum on Dec 3 @COP21 Info: ocean-climate.org/?p=100 #COP21 #OceanforClimate pic.twitter.com/phvGGl5fGW

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Protect the Ocean and give him again its climate role



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[Direct #COP21] @celinecousteau témoigne du tournage de son film consacré aux #océans au Pavillon France.

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Focus on Buildings


18 countries & over 60 orgs launch Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction at #COP21 bit.ly/1lylQJF pic.twitter.com/BtmW4xrJft

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Focus on Transport

Today: Lima-Paris Action Agenda focus on transport, building newsroom.unfccc.int/lpaa/ #LPAA #COP21. Follow @LPAA_Live



Indirect link to press release:


Transport Industry Drive for Improved Energy Efficiency and Electro-Mobility to Stem High Growth of Emissions




 Pinned Tweet



.@icao President presents the Airport Carbon Accreditation initiative http://bit.ly/1lkcFwu  #transport #LPAA #COP21



.@RoyalSegolene launches Mobilise Your City initiative: http://bit.ly/1MCO6GP  #transport #LPAA #COP21

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Enviro Director at @OECD_ENV Simon Upton: #transport responsible for a quarter of GHG emissions #LPAA #COP21



Paris Declaration on Electro-Mobility & Climate Change presented at #LPAA by @RoyalSegolene http://bit.ly/1Q250zS 

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.@RoyalSegolene launches global call for tender for cheaper electric cars: http://bit.ly/1Q42mYX  #LPAA #COP21



LPAA Live Retweeted

.@RoyalSegolene launches global call for tender to create #electric vehicle under €7K, charging time of 30mins, 500km autonomy @COP21 #LPAA






COP21 DAY 3 - 2015/12/02
COP21 Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) Focus on Resilience: Water & Oceans, Vulnerability & People


On 2 December, we're focusing on how to build resilience to #climatechange goo.gl/7glih6 #LPAA #COP21 pic.twitter.com/J2MXlbjktX

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pdf link: Wednesday, 2 December - LPAA Focus Event on Resilience - Media Advisory



COP21 Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) Focus on Water & Oceans Resilience




"UN Water warns that without an improved water resources management, the progress towards poverty reduction targets, the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and sustainable development in all its economic, social and environmental dimensions, will be jeopardized."


COP21 Lima-Paris Action Agenda Focus on Resilience – Vulnerability & People


"will present to decision-makers six initiatives to address resilience. Those six major initiatives and projects will accelerate the implementation of innovative actions, in areas such as integrated water resources management food security; disaster risk reduction and capacity-building essential to resilience.

Those initiatives will help address the needs of the nearly 634 million people who live in at-risk coastal areas just a few meters above existing sea levels, as well as those living in areas at risk of droughts and floods."



See the Daily Programme for Wednesday 2 December for #COP21 in Paris: bit.ly/1HpFima pic.twitter.com/5Y7AFowgBs

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(detailed program - pdf link)


Paris pact on water and #climatechange adaptation announced at #COP21 bit.ly/1YH66CF #LPAA pic.twitter.com/hdXCM8u4zZ

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The LPAA initiatives addressing WATER and OCEANS RESILIENCE are, as for today:

  • Paris Pact on Water and Adaptation
  • MegaCities Coalition on water
  • Business Alliance for Water and Climate Change
  • Adaptation of the West African coastal areas
  • Maritim Regions in Action against Climate Change



Centre National de Recherche (CNRS) et COP21




Toute la journée #LaRechercheMobilisée pour la #COP21 twitter.com/inee_cnrs/stat…


Table ronde: "Quelles solutions pour un meilleur partage de l'#eau ?" Avec A.Euzen -> www2.cnrs.fr/presse/communi… pic.twitter.com/g2dM0rZycT 



CNRS retweeted
irstea's avatar

#COP21 #LaRechercheMobilisee début du LT Conf @sup_recherche " Quelles solutions pour un meilleur partage de l'eau?" pic.twitter.com/tdIZfigTMQ



"L'#eau à découvert" 146 articles/200 contributeurs pr comprendre & proposer des solutions->



Climate Generations areas (Le Bourget) and #Water Day


Today in the climate Generations areas it's #WaterDay. All the program here: bit.ly/1IEfe1E #GoCOP21 #COP21 pic.twitter.com/K75RaOSGCF

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EU and Resilience


 European Commission Retweeted

We are boosting our efforts to tackle #ElNiño! €125 mil agmnt to help tackle extreme #climate & #climatechange:http://europa.eu/!NY66YD 





The Eight Days of the Lima Paris Action Agenda (LPAA)




"During COP 21, the LPAA partners will respond to the ‘Lima Call for Climate Action’ launched at COP 20 by convening a series of events that showcase actions and commitments by LPAA stakeholders. The main Action Day is scheduled for Saturday, 5 December and will feature a High Level Meeting on Climate Action. Before and after Action Day, a series of LPAA Focus high level events will highlight commitments in each of the 12 LPAA Action Areas."


"See below the overview schedule of the LPAA Focus Thematic Events and click here to see the detailed programme."

Lima-Paris Action Agenda:  http://newsroom.unfccc.int/lpaa/about/


@LPAA_Live - Official account of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda





COP21 DAY 2 - 2015/12/01


Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA)


Focus on Forests and Agriculture



Global agricultural revolution under way to boost resilience, reduce emissions http://bit.ly/1l582H8  #COP21 #LPAA

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Six initiatives presented @ #COP21  to reduce emissions, food waste + build resilience bit.ly/1OtrRTC #LPAA pic.twitter.com/Sbafiunjqi



  • The 4/1000 initiative
  • The “Life Beef Carbon” initiative
  • The “Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme”
  • The Promotion of agro-ecology transition in West Africa
  • The Blue Growth Initiative
  • The “Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction – SAVE FOOD”
 UN Climate Action Retweeted

French Agriculture Minister @SLeFoll presents 4/1000 initiative #LPAA #COP21 http://bit.ly/1OtrRTC 

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Excerpt: "This initiative intends to show that a small increase of 4/1000 per year of the soil carbon stock (agricultural soils, notably grasslands and pastures, and forest soils) is a major leverage in order to improve soil fertility, resilience of farmers and contribute to the long-term objective of keeping the global average temperature increase below 2 degrees."


 UN Climate Action Retweeted

"Food waste is one of the big overlooked contributors to #climate change" - @WRIClimate's Craig Hanson. #LPAA #COP21



Governments, private sector, civil society join to take forest climate action http://bit.ly/1PXHofT  #LPAA #COP21

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Today, @POTUS announced US contribution of $30 million to climate risk insurance initiatives: http://go.usa.gov/cZQ4B . #COP21




COP21 DAY 1 - 2015/11/30


At #COP21, government leaders endorse forests as key climate solution http://bit.ly/1NiXlGW 

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Several leaders announced major new actions to protect and restore forests

Brazil and Norway made a joint announcement to extend their climate and forest partnership until 2020. Brazil has delivered impressive results in reducing Amazon deforestation over 70 percent in the last decade. Both Germany and Norway will continue to support Brazil at scale to further increase ambition on reducing deforestation and forest degradation.


Colombia announced an ambitious partnership , together with Germany, Norway, and the United Kingdom, to implement its vision for green growth, with a particular focus on reducing deforestation in the Amazon region.

Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom announced a collective aim to provide $5 billion from 2015 to 2020, or $1 billion per year by 2020, if countries pursue ambitious REDD+ programs, and an intent to significantly increase pay-for-performance finance if countries demonstrate measured, reported and verified emission reductions.




Coalition of 40 govts, join biz & organisations to call for fossil fuel phase out: http://http://fffsr.org/communique/  #EndFFS

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Read the Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform Communiqué, which was presented to @CFigueres at #COP21: http://fffsr.org/communique 

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New $500 million initiative to boost large scale #climateaction in dev. countries http://bit.ly/1Ozsn0w  #COP21

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PARIS, Nov. 30, 2015 – Four European countries - Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland - today announced a new $500 million initiative that will find new ways to create incentives aimed at large scale cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries to combat climate change. The World Bank Group worked with the countries to develop the initiative.



Watch our video on @1Heart1Tree- this project beams trees onto Eiffel Tower, while raising money to plant real ones!



UN Climate Action ‏@UNFCCC  2015-11-30

New @UN initiative to strengthen climate resilience of world’s most vulnerable http://bit.ly/1NY9Eco  #COP21

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Paris, 30 November—A new initiative to build climate resilience in the world’s most vulnerable countries was launched today by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and 13 members within the UN system at COP21, the Paris Climate Conference.  The new initiative will strengthen the ability of countries to anticipate hazards, absorb shocks, and reshape development to reduce climate risks.

The newly announced initiative, the  UN Secretary-General’s Climate Resilience  Initiative — Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape — will help address the needs of the nearly 634 million people, or  a tenth of the global population who live in at-risk coastal areas just a few meters above existing sea levels, as well as those living in areas at risk of droughts and floods.  The world is now experiencing a strong El Niño event, which could place as many as 4.7 million people at risk from drought in the Pacific alone.

Read about @BillGates' Breakthrough Energy Coalition presented at #COP21: http://b-t.energy/1MYsrEx 

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Just announced at #COP21: 20 major economies to double clean energy R&D http://bit.ly/1Q8wwdv 

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India and France Launch International Solar Energy Alliance at #COP21 http://bit.ly/1l2NHCd 

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"we do hereby declare our intention to support India’s proposal to launch an international solar alliance as a common platform for cooperation among solar resource rich countries lying fully or practically between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.


United by a shared vision to bring clean, affordable and renewable energy within the reach of all, we affirm our intention to join the international solar alliance as founding members to ensure the promotion of green, clean and sustainable energy, and to draw on the beneficence of the Sun in this endeavor.


United by our objective to significantly augment solar power generation in our countries, we intend making joint efforts through innovative policies, projects, programmes, capacity building measures and financial instruments to mobilize more than 1000 Billion US Dollars of investments that are needed by 2030 for the massive deployment of affordable solar energy. We recognize that the reduced cost of finance would enable us to undertake more ambitious solar energy programmes to bring development and prosperity for our people."


.@UN chief Ban: The #COP21 agreement needs to send a clear signal to markets to scale up #solar energy"

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Leaders, CEOs, @WorldBank, #IMF strengthen call for carbon pricing at #COP21 http://bit.ly/1lqpmWo 

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Coalition of vulnerable commits to bigger climate action at #COP21 http://bit.ly/1lqtPsn  @TheCVF

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"Forum’s Vulnerable Twenty (V20) Group sets target of $20 billion new investment in climate action by 2020, including with focus on regional, domestic and private sector mobilization".




20 major economies to double clean energy research and development http://bit.ly/1Q8wwdv  #COP21

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"The Eyes of the World are on Paris" - read summary of #COP21 opening ceremony http://bit.ly/1Ijq2aN 

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#COP21 "family picture" with ~150 Heads of State and Government pic.twitter.com/HhKhn46EeB

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#UNSG Ban Ki-moon: "You are here today to write the script of your future." #COP21 #ClimateAction pic.twitter.com/7HZW0BNOVd

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Writing about #COP21? Hear from three of our experts about the top issues for the Paris #climate conference: brook.gs/1R5nmiU


Good morning, world. At #COP21 entrance welcoming heads of state. We must, we can, we will pic.twitter.com/P52OgTDB7o

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#UNSG Ban Ki-moon arrives at @COP21 in #Paris. @fhollande @LaurentFabius @RoyalSegolene @UNFCCC @CFigueres

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#UNSG Ban Ki-moon, @BarackObama and @fhollande at opening of @COP21 in #Paris.

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La #COP21 commence aujourd'hui ! Le programme de la journée bit.ly/1lfP4wM via @COP21 #united4climate pic.twitter.com/HDmIsLFqh3

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Opening #COP21, #UNSG Ban tells leaders 'a political moment like this may not come again' bit.ly/1Ozs3ig pic.twitter.com/yWlJ5FFY3Y


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#COP21 starts today in Paris What Ban Ki-moon expects from the UN #ClimateChange Conference bit.ly/1lKA2Qb pic.twitter.com/Lv5X4A8jNP

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.@UNFCCCwebcast is ready to broadcast plenary sessions & press conferences at #COP21 http://bit.ly/COP21webcast 

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#COP21 Découvrez toute la programmation des conférences et débats de la @COP21 @Paris > bit.ly/1XlDoVs pic.twitter.com/53ylw67oYH




Prelude to COP21: Eiffel Tower lighting event with 1Heart1Tree

With the participation of the UN Secretary General and the Chief of the Amazon Forest


The links to the apps from: 1Heart1Tree @1Heart1Tree



"Plant the seeds today for a better world tomorrow" Ban Ki-moon at Eiffel Tower @1Heart1Tree event in Paris. #COP21

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Retweeted by 1Heart1Tree

At @1Heart1Tree in #Paris, #UNSG Ban Ki-moon meets Raoni Metuktire “Chief Raoni”: We share one common goal. @COP21

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Retweeted by 1Heart 1Tree

"Que nos cœurs battent à l'unisson pour planter des arbres" Ban Ki-moon @1Heart1Tree #COP21 1heart1tree.org pic.twitter.com/RbpMbuf6c5

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Retweeted by 1Heart 1Tree

Moment d'emotion : @NazihaMestaoui @BanKimoon_amdg @N_Hulot et Marion Cotillard en symbiose pour la #COP21 @AKKA_DS pic.twitter.com/UyWefJaYpF

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Cool #COP21 @twitter emojis for the UN Climate Change Conference which starts today in Paris.

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UN Climate Action @UNFCCC
Thank you @twitter for the new emojis to mark the beginning of the UN Climate Conference in Paris. #COP21
153 retweets131 likes








"Tous les rendez-vous de la COP21"  [paris.fr]

"All the rendez-vous of the COP21"  [paris.fr]



Permalien de l'image intégrée



Official site: http://www.cop21.gouv.fr/en/


Grand Palais - Petit Palais

Solutions COP21: http://www.solutionscop21.org/en/



Eiffel Tower

One Heart One Tree: A virtual tree with your name will be projected on the Eiffel Tower growing at the rate of your heart beat 

29th November - 3rd December


How does it work?

1. Download app.

2. Place finger on the camera area. Your heart beat is recorded – “algorithm analyses the chromatic micro-changes due to the blood-circulation on the finger”.

3. Type your name.

4. A 3D representation of a tree growing at the rate of your heartbeat is generated. Your name is added.

5. This will be projected on the Eiffel Tower.


Your heart beat gives birth to a virtual tree!

A real tree will be planted.


                                         Thank you! Your tree will be projected on (...)





At the port of Champs Elysées

Tara, "a legendary boat built for extreme conditions", "a platform for high-level scientific research missions"



affiche tara paris ENG



D-2! Our last "tests" on the #EiffelTower, before our virtual forest nights!? Photo by Anthony Moneta? #1heart1tree pic.twitter.com/uB85yetnRC


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Découvrez toute la programmation des conférences débats ici : http://bit.ly/1XlDoVs  #GoCOP21 #COP21





Christiana Figueres ‏@CFigueres Nov 25

Heading to #COP21 in Paris with part of the @UNFCCC dream team! pic.twitter.com/NbCsjTwD6y

Nick Nuttall, Salwa Dallalah, Adriana Valenzuela and Hernani Escobar R.

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#COP21 @art_cop21 : l’agenda culturel @COP21 Paris Climat 2015 à @Paris et dans le monde > artcop21.com/fr/ pic.twitter.com/z8iGxMBrma



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#COP21 "#Climat, l'expo à 360°" @citedessciences : le point sur le dérèglement climatique > bit.ly/1I0FxyM pic.twitter.com/hxAvuzl8MJ

Vue de l'exposition "Climat, l'expo à 360°" à la Cité des sciences et de l'industrie © Ph Levy - EPPDCSI






Comment se rendre au #Bourget et assister à la #COP21 ? Le plan d'accès cop21.gouv.fr/wp-content/upl… pic.twitter.com/ZeskS6xA4i

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CLIMAT D E L A COP21 /C M P 1 1 ,
Accessibles librement et gratuitement au public
comme aux personnes participant aux négociations
climatiques internationales, les espaces Générations
climat seront ouverts du 1er au 11 décembre 2015 de
10h30 à 19h00, à l’exception du dimanche 6 décembre.
Par leur proximité immédiate avec le Centre de
conférence des Nations Unies, leur dimension
(27 000m2) et leur conception directement inspirée de
la consultation de plus d’une centaine d’organisations
de la société civile, les espaces Générations
climat constituent une première dans l’histoire de
l’organisation des conférences sur le climat.
340 organisations françaises et internationales
de la société civile participeront à la vie des espaces
Générations climat. Chacun pourra les découvrir et
participer à travers une centaine de stands, une
vingtaine d’expositions pédagogiques et interactives,
plus de 300 conférences et une soixantaine de
projections de films.






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COP starts 30th November 2015


Just 1 wk to go until #COP21. Show your support for #ClimateAction – pass on this image and be part of the solution! pic.twitter.com/r8YCV9X2Wb

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Gearing up to host #COP21, France emerges as green finance leader: bit.ly/1QZJefx @I4CE_ @fininquiry



New report shows how France is successfully integrating sustainability factors into its financial architecture.More: bit.ly/21chKYG

Gearing up to Host Climate Conference, France Emerges as Green Finance Leader Mon, Nov 23, 2015

New report identifies key steps in France's strategy to mobilize capital for sustainable growth

"Romain Morel, economist at I4CE, said, "France has developed a distinctive model where public and private initiatives reinforce each other to both raise awareness and promote concrete action." "
- See more at: http://unep.org/newscentre/Default.aspx?DocumentID=26854&ArticleID=35566&l=en#sthash.TOQmPUyC.dpuf
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Tweeted: 31 May 2015

Look at what we rescued today! Cutest little gal ever! instagram.com/p/3UxwjLpUNq/







Initiative #LPAA pr améliorer la protection des + vulnérables/risque #climat bit.ly/1X6NFGR @COP21 #COP21 pic.twitter.com/02meqZ3dNP

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Cited previously from tweet below:

Pathway to $100bn emerging ahead of Paris #climate summit. Read more: ow.ly/TFmGC #COP21



"Still, as Bangladesh scientist Saleemul Huq observed on Climate Home, most banks want a return on their investments. They’re more likely to get that from a clean energy plant than a sea wall."


"This is a problem many hope Paris will solve. One new addition to the text under debate in Bonn stipulates that 50% of all funding flows should be for adaptation."



Dozens of city, forest, biz initiatives to be presented at #COP21. Follow @LPAA_Live bit.ly/LPAA_website #LPAA pic.twitter.com/mtQGgrJP9N

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La société civile se mobilise pour le #climat : cop21.gouv.fr/wp-content/upl… #COP21 #ActOnClimate pic.twitter.com/E1jo5PXe4l


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.@RoyalSegolene "il y a eu plus de 500 labels COP21 donnés à la société civile" pic.twitter.com/g35xzQFgCD


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Les Parisiens se mobilisent pour le climat: changer le monde avec l'asso #LesParques #COP21 ow.ly/UXuRs pic.twitter.com/3BXI3lbLc5


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G20 leaders call #climatechange one of the greatest challenges of our time ahead of Paris. More: bit.ly/1O1j9M5 via @ClimateHome




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En plein rdv CRITIQUE de l'Humanité avec elle-même ? Ce dessin dit TOUT absolument TOUT . Merci @ElyxYak pic.twitter.com/6sy21Bwcfj

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COP21 and social media




France Diplomatie ‏@francediplo  Nov 6

Engagez-vous pour la #COP21 en changeant votre photo de couverture sur les réseaux sociaux !

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Découvrez la campagne de communication, bientôt diffusée dans la presse et en affichage dans vos villes #COP21

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Dear @algore, do you have plans for December ? You’re most welcome to join us in Paris @COP21 !

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2015-10-21: Pathway to $100bn emerging ahead of COP21

Pathway to $100bn emerging ahead of Paris #climate summit. Read more: ow.ly/TFmGC #COP21



"A section detailing what assistance poorer countries will require to invest in green energy and protect communities against climate impacts had swelled from 12 paragraphs to 2.5 pages."


Oxfam’s Jan Kowalzig“Now it has everything it needs… all the essential pieces… clinging on to every paragraph."


John Kerry: “The road through Paris is paved through investment decisions we are going to make this week,” he said.


"Still, as Bangladesh scientist Saleemul Huq observed on Climate Home, most banks want a return on their investments. They’re more likely to get that from a clean energy plant than a sea wall."


"This is a problem many hope Paris will solve. One new addition to the text under debate in Bonn stipulates that 50% of all funding flows should be for adaptation."




The importance of adaptation funding - Climate change impacts in Philippines

Implications for insurance




2015-10-19: Bonn #ADP2: Last meeting ahead of #COP21

Bonn #ADP2: Last meeting ahead of #COP21. EU press conference at 12:00CET: http://bit.ly/1GdZ57u  pic.twitter.com/GhYwkc3nkN



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Crucial last round of UN climate talks before #COP21 begin today. We must improve draft text


2015-09-04:ADP2.10 Bonn climate meeting completed, agreement text to be drafted

UNEP link ref: The tenth part of the second session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP) was held from 31 August - 4 September 2015 in Bonn, Germany
Christiana Figueres @CFigueres 2015-09-04

#ADP2.10 closes. Next step: Co chairs to produce comprehensive draft agreement text & distribute 1st week October.


Gvts give ‘green light’ for draft agreement for @UN #climate negotiations in Oct http://bit.ly/1hHogE4  #COP21 #ADP2

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Bonn, 4 September 2015 – The latest round of UN climate change negotiations ended today on track to produce the first comprehensive draft of the new, universal climate change agreement that governments are committed to reach in Paris, in December.


The draft, to be drawn up by Ahmed Djoghlaf of Algeria and Daniel Reifsnyder of the United States will present clear options and ways forward on all elements of the agreement and the decisions that will operationalize it from 2020.



[#Debrief] What's happening in Bonn this week? Answers http://politi.co/1KEuOic  #ADP2 #COP21

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"POLITICO senior policy reporter Darren Samuelsohn sat down with Robert Orr, a longtime climate adviser to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who now runs the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy".


Excerpts (with titles added by the author of the site):







(…) to agree just how much pollution they’ll cut, and how much money rich nations will offer less developed countries to deal with their own growing energy demands and also adapt to a changing climate.

(…) the deal is expected to touch on everything from the future of coal and renewables to crop failures and rising seas.

(…) will require changes in everyone’s economies, everyone’s fuel mixes, everyone’s infrastructure investments.


The issue of financing

The issue of financing: All of this has to be paid for. Most will be paid for by private monies, but can this agreement reach a level of clarity and ambition that it sets the framework that those investments are made by private businesses, by finance houses, but pension funds, the big money out there. But to do that, we will need to see investments by governments, both north and south. Donors — traditional donors, the United States, Europe, Japan — need to step up and provide public funding for those governments that need that, but that then needs to be leveraged into this much bigger pool of private finance. That equation, and how the public and the private finance together is a critical open element yet to be negotiated.


This is, first and foremost, financing, getting the blend of public and private finance right, and the volumes of public-private finance, and the mechanics of that, the vehicles agreed for how — who will do what and how and in what time frame.


The fossil-fuel industry

RO: In the fossil-fuel industry already the major companies are evolving, and they’re evolving quite quickly. Everyone who is an oil company or a self-described fossil-fuel producer, they’re quickly becoming “energy companies.” They’re making investments in other parts of the energy spectrum of choices. So, how quickly those companies are able to evolve will make them competitive or not in the 21st century economy.


Effects on the consumer

DS: How would an American consumer feel the effects of a Paris climate deal?

RO: The effect on consumers will depend on where you live in the world and in the United States. The bottom line is this deal will set the framework for necessary reductions, but how they are reduced, through what mechanisms, and what burdens where and what benefits where, that’s the art of government and of public policy.


Although the outcome of Copenhague 2009 was disappointing (e.g. US & China had not proceeded to commitments) there were some interesting aspects, e.g. leaders rolling up their sleeves and being involved in text-editing


RO: The role of president and other heads of state and government is quite important. We did see an extraordinary scene in Copenhagen in 2009 where not just President Obama but other leaders truly rolled up their shirt sleeves. I do remember President Obama actually carrying a laptop to show other leaders certain texts. I saw President Lula of Brazil literally rolling up his shirt sleeves and saying, ‘I haven’t done this since I was a labor leader.’


But that kind of head of state and government involvement — don’t expect to see that in Paris. The negotiators have to do what negotiators have to do, and that’s the negotiation track, but leaders can help that along by getting critical agreements on the big issues. Don’t expect to see them line-editing text in Paris. That’s a negotiator job. But in September this year, in New York, there will be meetings on the margin of the Sustainable Development Goal summit. You will see a number of world leaders talking to each other in bilateral and multilateral fora. You will see it in the G-20 meeting later this year.


Also the INDC was decided at Copenhagen

RO: One very important thing was achieved in Copenhagen, which was the Copenhagen Accord for the first time created this notion of national plans from all governments. So the basic building block of the new regime was born in Copenhagen. But the sense of failure around Copenhagen was related…


(…) a lot of the benefits of the new regime have already been factored in to governments’ plans, expenditure, investments, and even more to the point, companies and private finance are already pricing this in.


On the Copenhagen development pledge of $100 billion per year starting in 2020: Very doable as a reallocation exercise

DS: How do you address the fact these negotiations aren’t on track to raise the $100 billion climate fund to help developing countries as promised back in 2009?


RO: This is one of the key elements that we do need from Paris. We need clarity with high granularity on the $100 billion commitment made on Copenhagen. This was a commitment of developed countries to support developing countries at a tune of $100 billion per year starting in 2020; so, annually from 2020 forward. It sounds like a lot of money, but if you take what the annual investments are just in energy, even before you get to any other part of the global economy, it pales in comparison.  So, we’re talking about simply reallocating to higher-value uses investments that are already being made in other energy sources, other types of infrastructure, other types of agricultural systems. So, this is a reallocation exercise to higher-value investments by governments and by private actors, and in that context, $100 billion is very doable.


Climate coalitions strengthening; COP21 will be the political impetus which will recognize their efforts and motivate them further

When you get the oil and gas companies starting to move as a bloc and, increasingly, with more and more oil and gas companies joining the coalition, that will move the needle. But the same is happening with agricultural products companies. The agreement in New York in September 2014 of a number of the key producers of palm oil, which is responsible for a larger percentage of the deforestation in the world, that is now becoming a solid coalition of virtually all the palm oil producers in the world.


These coalitions are not waiting for orders from governments. They’re not waiting for a starter’s pistol in Paris; they’re already doing this. But Paris will be the political impetus which will recognize their efforts and which will push them on.




[#Décryptage] Que se passe-t-il cette semaine à Bonn en vue de la #COP21 ? Réponses http://bit.ly/1UpcSyr  #ADP2

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2015-08-22: 100 days to COP21






Our @COP21 climate targets cheat-sheet, now updated with Japan and Australia @AndreaDuRietz bloom.bg/1Foydub


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A thunderclap set up by the UN Development Program:


2015-08-20: Statement by the EU's "climate boss"


Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy



Miguel Arias Cañete retweeted

Barbara Lewis @reutersBarbaraL

Europe's #climate boss is ready to fight for a binding Paris deal uk.reuters.com/article/2015/0…


100 days: countdown to Paris #COP21. Strong political will but slow progress. Presser here: http://bit.ly/1K8hKl1 

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What will success in Paris #COP21 look like? http://bit.ly/1MzHPts 

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"It is clear to me from recent gatherings − the G7, the Major Economies Forum, the Paris informal ministerial, the International Conference on Financing for Development and many other bilateral meetings − that there is strong political will to reach an ambitious global climate agreement.


But in the negotiating rooms, progress has been painfully slow.


The technical talks are seriously lagging behind the political discussion. This must change.


When it comes to the substance, the text is still far too long, with all options put forward by countries earlier this year still on the table. This will need to be negotiated. So we have a lot of work ahead of us.


Negotiators will need to get straight down to the substance in August. They will need to start looking for areas of convergence and identify issues that will need to be resolved by Ministers. These include differentiation of the responsibilities and capabilities of the countries, the legal form of the agreement, the transfer of technology or support to developing countries, to mention just a few.


The European Union was the first major economy to submit its contribution in March – a binding, economy-wide emissions reduction target of at least 40% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. This is the most ambitious contribution presented to date.


The good news is that, after a slow start, more and more countries are submitting their contributions: so far, 56 countries representing 61% of current global emissions.


But the not so good news is that the current contributions still represent only around a quarter of all countries.


Key G20 countries such as Argentina, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Turkey must submit their intended contributions without delay."




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