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World Wetlands Day 2016: "Providing more than a billion livelihoods"


Excerpt from Ramsar Convention site/World Wetland Day resources document


Wetland: land area that is saturated or flooded with water either permanently or seasonally

Inland wetlands: Lakes, rivers

Coastal wetlands: estuaries, mangroves, coral reefs

Man-made wetlands: fishponds, rice paddies, and salt pans




The Convention on Wetlands - The Ramsar Convention

Ramsar, Iran (1971-02-02)

(at the shores of the Caspian sea)




Number of Contracting Parties: 169

Number of Ramsar Sites: 2,227

Total surface of designated sites: 214,875,598 ha


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World Wetlands Day 2016









Livelihoods from fishing, rice farming, travel, tourism, and water provision all depend on wetlands.  And wetlands are vital to us in many other ways.  They host a huge variety of life, protect our coastlines, provide natural sponges against river flooding, and store carbon dioxide to regulate climate change.





Excerpt from document

Wetlands: Providing more than a billion livelihoods


More than a billion people depend on wetlands for a living ! Just stop and think about that number – and about what a wetland actually is. The Ramsar Convention defines a wetland as any land area that is saturated or flooded with water, either permanently or seasonally, along with all beaches and shallow coastal areas. This definition covers all inland wetlands such as marshes, ponds, lakes, fens, rivers, floodplains, and swamps... as well as the whole range of coastal wetlands which include saltwater marshes, estuaries, mangroves, lagoons and coral reefs. Then we should add in all manmade wetlands such as fishponds, rice paddies, and salt pans. 




45 years ago the Convention on #wetlands was signed in Iran.@AniaGrobicki1 returns 4 #WorldWetlandsDay celebrations.

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Today is the #WorldWetlandsDay and the start of the @RamsarConv Photo Contest. #StarAlliance http://bit.ly/1KHaNUU 


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#wetlands Inspirational, rich in life & essential for #water & #food security & #flood control #WorldWetlandsDay


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#LIFE_programme protects #wetlands - our allies in fighting #climatechange #WorldWetlandsDay http://bit.ly/LIFE_mitigation 

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Today is #WorldWetlandsDay! 2,224 sites are Wetlands of International Importance, protecting 529,612,162 acres! pic.twitter.com/vwK3y2PeLk


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Some 1 billion people worldwide make their living directly from wetlands #WorldWetlandsDay http://bit.ly/1WZJqfV 


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