Venice Biennale - 2017




#MuseumDay International Museum Day


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York says: "Teens Take the Met"


Teen-only activities @metmuseum on Friday 






Homer's epic poem "Odyssey" recitation at National Archaeological Museum Greece




Concevoir productions et médiations autour des œuvres des musées

NuitdesMusées @NuitdesMusees

"La classe, l'œuvre !" invite les élèves à concevoir productions et médiations autour des œuvres des musées. #NDM16




Major Cultural Foundations

EU – Creative Europe, Nat'l Endow Arts (US)British CouncilInstitut françaisGoethe instituteOnassis Foundation


 The White House Retweeted

What a line-up tonight @WhiteHouse to celebrate the arts! Tune in at 7:20pm ET:  #arts4US #PBSipwh #arts4us



13/10 @IFAgr Atelier théâtre en français (séance gratuite) - Εργαστήριο γαλλικού θεάτρου Δωρεάν δοκιμαστικό μάθημα …

"I dream of designing, in Paris, a magnificent vessel symbolising the cultural calling of France."

Frank Gehry


"Louvre Abu Dhabi, a unique and universal museum"
"The future Louvre Abu Dhabi will be a universal museum in the Arab world. Its very name is testament to what is an unprecedented alliance between the United Arab Emirates and France, through one of the highest level of cultural cooperation ever created between two sovereign countries. This unprecedented gesture establishes a long and solid relationship between the Musée du Louvre, the greatest museums located in Paris, and Abu Dhabi, which is a dynamic force in the contemporary world."