Foreign Policy and Religion

A Foreign Policy inquiring Religion as designed by John Kerry



A policy inquiring religion by @JohnKerry : how it impacts ForeignAff, understand & approach, establish ties, defend


John Kerry's Remarks at Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy Link



"I asked Shaun to take on sort of three missions in this effort: to advise me on how religion impacts U.S. foreign policy priorities, to support the entire State Department in better understanding religion and engaging religious communities, and to establish wider and deeper ties with key stakeholders across the globe.


In fulfilling those mandates, Shaun has pulled together a team of experts who have met with thousands of religious officials from five continents. "




Foreign policy&religion by @JohnKerry | @madeleine :Had advisors on everything but religion



"I went to war & I learned the price that is paid when diplomacy fails" @JohnKerry cited at



Facebook Q&A - Religion & Foreign Policy with @SpecialRepCasey 2016-04-28



Q&A Religion&Foreign Policy @StateDept @SpecialRepCasey Q:I thought America's policy is separation of church & state






Office of International Religious Freedom @StateDept headed by @AmbSaperstein





Q&A Religion&ForeignPolicy @StateDept Q:How is it we have people called Palestinians but no country called Palestine






On the pedagogical role of Muslim leaders


What is the equivalent of the Vatican for the Muslim world


Muslim religious authorities, advocacy groups, and Imams

Information from this link


Walid Phares (Fox News Collaborator): "The first institution should be Al-Azhar University, the equivalent of the Vatican in Egypt."

According to britannica : chief centre of Islamic and Arabic learning in the world


"And second, the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, it represents 57 Muslim governments." Site in English, French and Arabic