Electromagnetic harassment: “the crime that people complain most about on the internet”

Relevance to neuroweapons, to “health incidents/attacks" of U.S. and Canada diplomats and to the electromagnetic irradiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow


Harcèlement électromagnétique : "le crime dont les gens se plaignent le plus sur internet” 

Phénomène relatif aux neuroarmes, aux “atteintes à la santé” de diplomates américains et canadiens et à l’irradiation électromagnétique de l’ambassade des États-Unis à Moscou 


Individuals targeted with electromagnetic harassment and torture have responded to calls for submissions by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture 


Human biofield monitoring and actuation


The electromagnetic targeting / actuation / harassment signal


Hypothetical mechanisms of "health incidents/attacks" and directed energy harassment

(including electromagnetic harassment)


Mécanismes hypothétiques des « incidents/atteintes à la santé » et du harcèlement à énergie dirigée.

Scientific publications and press articles on the health incidents of U.S. and Canada diplomats



U.S. Senate hearing - "Attacks Against U.S. Diplomats in Cuba: Response and Oversight” (2018-01-09)

Witnesses from State Dept.: Medical Director Dr. C. Rosenfarb, Deputy Assistant Secretary F. Palmieri and Assistant Director Diplomatic Security T. Brown

F. Palmieri

M. Rubio

B. Menendez

J. Shaheen

R. Johnson

Ministry of Defense of Poland conducted in 2016 an analysis on the geographical locations of individuals complaining of electromagnetic attacks

Following correspondence with victims of Electromagnetic Harassment, the Ministry appointed its "Inspectorate for Implementation of Innovative Defense Technologies" to serve in coordination with the Ministry for addressing issues


Experts brief Pentagon on health attacks (2018-09-07)

SOFWERX / U.S. Special Operation Command event (2018-08-21): 

"Neurotechnologies as Weapons of Mass Disruption or Future Asymmetric Warfare: Putative Mechanisms, Emerging Threats, and Bad Actor Scenarios"

Pentagon briefing

The Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon were briefed by teleconference by Dr. Hoffer MD, Dr. Giordano and Dr. Balaban.



Dr. Hoffer MD

Symptom description by one of the first physicians called by the State Department to examine the victims



Dr. Giordano

"Embassy Encephalophathy"



Dr. Balaban

Office of Naval Research project to analyze how different head structures can function as waveguides, and be implicated in resonance and cavitation phenomena.



Dr. Canton

Possible scenarios for the Health Attacks


Establishment of the Health Incident Response Task Force - U.S. Gov. Accountability Office Report

A task force was created on May 23, 2018 "to direct a multi-agency response to the unexplained health incidents that have affected a number of U.S. government personnel and family members stationed overseas"

Which institutions should address "Health Attacks" and Electromagnetic Harassment? Institutional Framework for Countering Hybrid Threats

EU - NATO Joint Declaration on Hybrid Threats, European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Finland), Hybrid Fusion Cell (EU Intelligence and Situation Centre)

Experts & Victims of Electromagnetic Harassment testify (provide comment) at the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues in March and May 2011

Meeting Four and Five 

The "Moscow signal": the low-level microwave signal directed at the U.S. Embassy Moscow from 1953 to 1976

The health study, the U.S. top secret investigation known as "Pandora Project" and the legal implications