Interview of Dr. John Hall on the embassy personnel attacks in Cuba


Dr. John Hall has reported that subcontractors are conducting electronic harassment using satellite network clearances available for law enforcement agencies. When he discovered that his former fiance's harassment was performed by a private investigator group which included a former FBI agent and published his findings, the FBI came to his house in the middle of the night.


He also risked of loosing his physician licence due to the information he was reporting on organized stalking and electronic harassment

Excerpt from his book "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America".

"I arrived at Methodist Hospital at 7:00 a.m. prepared to do anesthesia for a 7:30 a.m. case expecting a typical day. 
Acting nervously and with tears in his eyes, Dr. Cohen asked me to accompany him to a private room to meet with two other physicians.
Dr. Cohen possibly knew he was helping set me up as they questioned; “Is it true that you think you’re under satellite surveillance or something?” I was speechless! They informed me that an appointment had already been made for me with a psychiatrist for an evaluation that day as Dr. Cohen asked me for a urine sample to test for drugs. (...) Suspecting that I was being set up by three of Harry’s friends, I refused the appointment and the urine test with my privileges suspended that minute as a consequence.

The Methodist Hospital System, fulfilling their duty in cases like this, temporarily suspended my privileges pending drug testing and a psychiatric evaluation. Gordon Jackson, the non-physician CEO at Meteor Anesthesiology Group, would within the hour send letters to every other hospital system in the City of San Antonio suspending my privileges at these institutions as well. (...) Arrangements were made for my drug testing, psychiatric evaluation, and peer review meeting to regain my privileges."





Interview of Dr John Hall with George Noory (Gaia and radio show Coast to Coast AM host) - July 2016


Subcontractors conducting organized stalking followed by electronic harassment using satellite network clearances available for law enforcement agencies


“Psychotronics”, a term that has been used by President Putin in official statements


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Transcript- Selected Excerpts


[3:16-Full video] GN: Let’s get definitions for the two different types of things you ‘ve been working on. First of all, all of us know what the word “stalking” means, of course. But tell us what your definition of stalking is.


Free preview transcript:


JH: The old term was “gang stalking”. The new term is “organized stalking”. And this is stalking by a group of individuals, unknown to you that inundate you at home, at work, everywhere you go, monitoring your emails, monitoring your phone calls. (…)

These are trained government operatives whether they are subcontractors or directly working for the government, that are not only gathering information but, stalking you, at list we think, to get biometric parameters on the victim. Because once the stalking tails off, then the electronic harassment begins.


GN: Now, electronic harassment, what is that?


JH: Usually most people notice it first with email disappearing, lights turning off and on in their home, radios turning off and on in their home on their own, garage doors opening and closing, garage lights going on and off on their own. In San Antonio we had an entire neighborhood, they were voicing complaints that their garage doors were opening and closing. Their car wiring was going awry. Well, we have two NSA bases in San Antonio now. And it took a year before they came forward. But eventually, the NSA said, well, we ‘re experimenting with a new ground wave technology. But this one neighborhood seemed to be chosen to get all of these effects. So we don’t know if it was truly experimentation with a communication system, or were they experimenting on the neighborhood itself.


(End of free preview transcript).


JH: The boots-on-the-ground stalking, you will notice people in cars or groups of people taking turns following you. But then that trails off and the rest of it seems to be either possibly GWEN tower or cell tower or satellite based. Because the stalking trails off and the electronic harassment follows you everywhere you go.



GN: We know they have equipment now where they can look at your house from the outside, and they know exactly where you are in the house. They can see you.


JH: Yeah, that’s Forward-Looking Infrared, FLIR. In the old days, like you remember “Terminator” or some of these old movies where they would show a thermal print, and it was a swirl of blue and yellow. Well, that’s not any more. If you look at thermal imaging now, it looks like a black-and-white photo. And you are right. They can see exactly where you are in a room, which means that they can also anatomically attack you correctly with other satellite-based directed energy weapons.


GN: It’s just amazing. The technology that we ‘re really not aware off we must have as a government.


JH: And even the Russians were the first to come out with it. Putin has actually mentioned the term “psychotronic weaponry” in statements that he’s put out. Actually made the comment that whichever country has the best psychotronic weapons will control the globe without bullets or missiles.


[8:44] JH: It doesn't have to be somebody next door doing it to you. It's not somebody with a microwave oven with a funnel in it doing it from the other wall. And that's hard to convince when people are living in apartment settings. When we 've done our research, we've done it in Texas. We've taken these people out on the ranches that are 6000 acres, that have no power lines and no cell service. We've taken them out in boats in the Gulf of Mexico--no power lines, no cell service. So there's not somebody with a hand-held weapon doing it anywhere near. There is not somebody doing it from a power line. And there's not somebody doing it from a cell tower. And they're still being attacked. So that means it is coming from a HAARP or is satellite-based or a combination of both.



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Dr John Hall interview by Sean Stone (Buzzsaw) on Mind Control Experimentation

Mind Control Guinea Pigs with John Hall - December 2016
Focus on the potential relationship to mass shooters at [20:23]
Mention of "Manchurian candidates" at [23:45]
Sean Stone: So beyond the issue of mass control of the population and using these terrorism techniques for experimentation, I wonder when I see some of these mass shooters--I think of the Tsarnaev brothers or James Holmes, Adam Lanza-- and how checked-out they look. When I see their pictures, right, these kids, look completely vacant. Their eyes are vacant. And given the history of MKUltra and given the way that we know government can and these private corporations in conjunction with the government can basically project voices and terrorize and target people, do you think it's possible that some of these mass shooters or terrorists have been mind controlled?
John Hall: Oh, I don't think it is possible, I think it's happening. As a matter of fact, two of them I can point to you. Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter, he had been in contact with Freedom of Information several times. Had complained about the voices in his head, had complained about being stalked and being followed. His biggest complaint was the sleep deprivation they were causing on him. As you remember, when he went on his shooting rampage, he carved "this is my ELF weapon" on the side of his shotgun. The FBI in their release said it was a cryptic message, that they didn't understand why he put that on the side of his shotgun, when in reality that probably wasn't a crazy guy going amok at the Navy Yard. That was a vengeance shooting. He had a clearance. He worked loosely near the technology with IT. He thought that some of the research was being done in the Navy Yard. And that was a vengeance shooting.
Sean Stone: ELF meaning Extremely Low Frequency.
John Hall: Extremely Low Frequency waves, yeah. A lot of research has been done in extremely low frequency waves and their ability to interact with the nervous system. Another shooter was Miron May at the University of Florida. This was a man educated. Had been a prosecuting attorney in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Had moved to Florida to start a new practice there, and then went and started a shooting at the University of Florida. Well, before he went and did the shooting, he actually sent out USB sticks to several different people with sort of his manifesto and his reason for doing it. Albeit I don't agree with the reasoning, his reasoning was that he had to do something really horrible to garner media attention to the problem. I think it's the wrong attention, and certainly we'd try to dissuade anyone from doing anything violent. But that was his take, that he had been controlled long enough. He wasn't going to be controlled any longer and that the only way the media would cover mind control was to do something really deplorable.
On the objectives of the first mind control studies - Manchurian candidates
John Hall: The initial studies with this were completely designed to create Manchurian candidates--people that they could send out on missions and then revert them back to their normal personality state after they had done something in an altered personality state. Well, the two parts of your brain that control those don't recognize each other and don't know each other. So if I were to control you to go to do a bombing and then bring you back in as your own personality and ask you about it, you'll defend to the death that you haven't done it. So yeah, I think a lot of the targeting that we're seeing now probably is actually having a selection of people that can be used in that manner. And that's a scary thought. That's a ticking time bomb, as matter of fact.
Excerpt from an article on Robert Duncan Ph.D., associate with CIA, DOD, DARPA who has studied the subject of "Manchurian candidates" and has interviewed more than a 1000 victims of Covert Harassment-Elecromagnetic Harassment.
(Article published on "Veterans Today" but removed probably due to inclusion of facebook post of a mass shooter.
Alternative link:
"Duncan, who has interviewed many targets, has said that he immediately recognized the “torture script” used on May after listening to a recording in which May discusses his ordeal."



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Interview of William Binney, former NSA head and Robert Duncan PhD, associate with CIA, DOD, DARPA by Cat Watters on 2017-03-15

Selected excerpts from Robert Duncan's part of the interview
[17:08] I have been studying for most of my life, brain and computer interface and technologies, originally bionics and it was always for good purposes. (...) Cryptography has gone even further than digital data. We are finding ways of how to hack the human mind itself, creating cognitive models of variations of human beings, approximating them, growing them into a larger model, and being able to literally tap some of the information, what they are thinking, seeing, hearing, typing etc through the five senses. And I know that that sounds science fiction like but this is truly what is going on. So, I have been studying this group of people, I thought I was the first, (...) I worked with DARPA and DOD, you know making robots do things by brain waves. Then I found this group of people that were complaining that the government is controlling their mind. And I am like how is that possible? And I have been researching that ever since and not only it is quite possible, it looks like it's started in the 1960s and has progressed with each military budget... the number of victims around the world. And this includes the US, this is where my family, this is where my self is, you know I consider myself a patriotic American but the government has gone too far. So I speak out on both how the signals can possibly work, the different types of technologies that can do this (...).
[26:16] But they have gone even further. They can now hack your mind once it reaches the end point of the human being. And for $150 for example, let us say you have a simple 6 letter password, as long as you can keep your eyes open, you know with whatever instrument, and I was interrogating you, I could crack your brain until you recognize your password just like a combination lock because the P300 signal of your brain will recognize when you see your password.
[33:35] Let us say we have cognitively modeled most of the human race and that all we need are the electrical signals from their brain to map to the information and the probabilities of what they will do and how they behave and think. We will use 2000 Hz as an example of the EEG (that stands for electroencephalograph). You multiply that by 7.5 billion over 5 days. Total collection (...) collective consciousness is well within the NSA storage capability, I think, I can't remember, it is like 57 Petabytes that you could actually replay. Everyone's memory for the last (inaudible) you know there are some interesting things that are coming for the future.
CW: Can I ask Mr. Duncan, you were talking before like MK ULTRA-type stuff, I mean is that real, I mean, I heard...
Yes, MK ULTRA has gone though many different name changes, many different budgets and yes it continues today far more than it did back when Congress, the Frank Church hearings said "we caught ya, this time, so stop it". Now all that is done has gone more underground and they got bigger budgets. Because this is the ultimate weapon, I mean control the world, control the population, control the people with their finger on the nuclear bombs.
CW: Did they even use soldiers like, I don't know, give them certain drugs or things like that?
Yeah, you know back, in those days, drugs were necessary for what they call "depatterning" of the human brain so it can be filled with new loyalties, new information and as Bill was saying mapping out loyalty affiliations, this is very important, who do you talk to, who do you love, what do you value and that way it may choose your "dereprogram", they know your basic psychology.[36:33]
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Selected Part II  [36:49] 


William Binney, former NSA head describes study aiming in scientifically addressing Covert Harassment (Electromagnetic Harassment) to provide evidence for court


Correlation of capabilities for brain and body field interference (cf. “crowd control” systems such as DOD's “Heat Ray”) and symptoms experienced by victims


Robert Duncan Ph.D. associate with CIA, DOD, DARPA, refers to Russian report on transmission of “psychoactive signals” on Russian power lines, and discusses HAARP as the most popular example of “phased arrays” which exist in many places in the world. Also refers to his knowledge on the subject of "Manchurian candidates" or sleeper agents that could be linked to shooters claiming to be under Mind Control.


WB: What we're trying to do, what we started here, at least Kirk Wiebe and I, and I think Dr. Duncan and some others are also involved, is trying to assemble information in a scientific way. First to assemble effects on people, and how they are being affected and try to categorize that. Then to assemble all the known information that is publicly available on different systems that are being used to do population control through experienced means and so on. And also penetrating, as Dr. Duncan was talking about, the mind and so on. Then trying to correlate the two sets of what is the impact of all that equipment and all the capabilities they have. Then try to map the symptoms that people are sensing. And at that point, also, we're trying to pull together this spectrum at which these things occur or how they are actually implemented, whether sound waves or electromagnetic waves or anything of that nature. And of course, at the same time, we're trying to eliminate any of the electromagnetic spectrum that could be influencing this in the environment, like for example high-tension lines or you know where they pass all the power lines and so on. And even when you have in the inside of the building all the wiring going around, all the magnetic fields that get created by the intersecting lines of electric fields and so on, to try to eliminate that as potential interference or other causes of it. But also to try to do it in a way, without emotion and no input of any kind. Basically, this is what I sense, this is what we know they're doing, this is how it works, these are the symptoms is creates and we map the two to try to show... And also show the spectrum that these kinds of things can be occurring in. In which case here's the kind of detectors you can use to sense it, then start to prove that these things are occurring in a set of information that is reliable and scientifically right and admissible in a court of law. That is what we are trying to do.


RD: And as to the scientific process, and so that is how we're designing the experiments... But I am gonna switch topics here, you briefly described the power lines and I remember reading Russian material, that they were transmitting what they call “psychoactive signals” on their power lines. So if I were let's say a hacker and I wanted to bring down the power grid in the western United States where everyone has an electromagnetic radio frequency garage door opener and the only way I could create a power surge, that part would be to hack all the frequencies of all the garage door openers simultaneously; and I actually built a sensor but I didn't want to get caught, could I use the power lines themselves as the antenna for my devious attack?


WB: Well, I mean I suppose you could do that, maybe you could also use the plumbing as an antenna. So, you know, I think you could probably do it either way.


RD: Yeah, you're right there's a lot of ways to do it. So people often want to pinpoint where this is coming from. Well, if you use interferometry, which means it's sort of like holography, many multiple sources, be it satellites, be it ground bases, be it (…) the is the right location. It is going to be very hard to triangulate on a specific signal that may be doing it and let's just assume it's worldwide. Uh you know, I worked for the Navy for a bit and they have these cold research bases on both magnetic poles of the earth but I have a feeling that, you know, there are colder places on earth (Finland)(...) that's not what they were there for. You know the signal intelligence expert is Kirk Wiebe, we should talk to him.


WB: Yeah, Kirk is (…) he is also a ham operator (note: amateur radio operator), you know. And so he has been doing that for decades.


CW: Have either of you heard of HAARP?


RD: Of course.

WB: Yes.


RD: (…) It is the most popular of the what they call “phased arrays”, “earth arrays”, “ionosphere heaters” and you know they can be used for weather modification, they can be used to create a radar of vamps, clouds, let's say you don't want the Russians knowing you're launching a nuclear attack, they've used for submarines communicating deep below the sea levels and very conductive salty service or solution. But it (HAARP) gets the most popularity; we actually have these all over the earth and so are the Russians. There are many more of them than just that.


CW: I mean it sounds like they might be just using it as an experiment like they really don't know what they could do or what it's gonna do. I mean they could just be like wreaking havoc, you know, with these things.


RD: Well, unfortunately, you know, oh I got to watch what I say, but that is the way this US government works. As I remember I must (have almost) caused nuclear war (laughs), an incident with the Russians because I needed more data as a scientist and I didn't know at what lengths they we're going to go to get that data. So, yeah (laughs) they will pretty much try anything.






[51:45] CW: Talking about, you know, Mind Control, I mean, isn't that sort of the purpose of torture, isn't that what they are trying to do, I mean you know of course completely break people...


RD: Yes, civilize them like breaking a horse, breaking the human animal and then reprogramming them to do their will, and be that, and I don't think that we have time to get into this, but I studied how to create “Manchurian candidates”, some of these free killers that say “I hear voices” and they shoot up in airports and (they say that) “the government is controlling me”. Well, I actually believe them, but we haven't found a way to find proof, unless we can eliminate those voices in a double blind study or placebo effect to show that, yes, something else is controlling them.


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The Manchurian Candidate


Manchuria is a region close to North Korea belonging to China or China and Russia where it was alleged that a brainwashing center was found creating sleeper agents.


Excerpt from the book “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate - The CIA and Mind Control” by John Marks, published by Times Books in 1979


“The term "Manchurian Candidate" came into the language in 1959 when author Richard Condon made it the title of his best-selling novel that later became a popular movie starring Laurence Harvey and Frank Sinatra. The story was about a joint Soviet-Chinese plot to take an American soldier captured in Korea, condition him at a special brainwashing center located in Manchuria, and create a remote-controlled assassin who was supposed to kill the President of the United States. Condon consulted with a wide variety of experts while researching the book, and some inside sources may well have filled him in on the gist of a discussion that took place at a 1953 meeting at the CIA on behavior control. Said one participant, "... individuals who had come out of North Korea across the Soviet Union to freedom recently apparently had a blank period of disorientation while passing through a special zone in Manchuria." The CIA and military men at this session promised to seek more information, but the matter never came up again in either the documents released by the Agency or in the interviews done for this book.”


Trailer from the 2004 remake of the film starring Denzel Washington



Excerts from the trailer:


“This is A.B. of Manchurian Global.”

“At the flick of a switch we can adjust character, change personality.”

“This is a coup. This is rich people funding bad science to put a sleeper agent in the White House.”


“Your head got exposed. Your circuit has got rewired.”



“In Manchurian Global you will find former Presidents, supposed Kings.”

“Yes, I get it they are big, they are huge”.

“And you bring me rumors and conjecture.”

“I started with nightmares. Rumors and conjecture, that's a giant leap forward.”


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Study on artificial tinnitus with voice patterns (“hearing voices” known as “V2K”) on individuals that present themselves as victims of Covert Harassment or “Targeted Individuals”


Conducted by Robert Duncan Ph.D, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics scientist (Harvard graduate) who has worked on projects for CIA, DOD, Dept of Justice, DARPA


Robert Duncan PhD has interviewed more than 1000 of the above victims and has performed recordings of this effect (potentially linked to Microwave Auditory Effect/Frey Effect or other three published methods that mediate “voice piping” in one’s head).


An electromagnetic frequency generator linked to contact pads for wrist, head etc is provided.


The generator creates an electromagnetic field using a specific algorithm and this should dampen the electromagnetic signal that creates the symptom in question.


An earthing/grounding system is included, as earthing tends to equalize the electrical potential of the body, through a electron transfer from the Earth and should therefore cancel out noxious electromagnetic fields (EMF) induced on the body.


More details at the link (Todd Giffen’s site)






Figure from the instruction document by Dr. Robert Duncan


Figure from the above page presenting the device created by Dr. Robert Duncan


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Relevant facebook post by Robert Duncan Ph.D.  citing a CIA document from this post


"'Galvanic skin response (GSR). Other central nervous system (CNS) parameters". This is a very large topic but to simplify it, it means how to control stress responses in the target. For example it is useful to have the target pass/fail polygraphs. The sweating of the palms is controlled by the CNS when it "feels" stress which causes polygraph instrumentation of resistance from hand to hand to decrease due to the salty excretions. Stress during questioning often indicates lying.'"


"Can a GSR be determined at a distance? There are other stress metric that are used now but hypothetically the skin/body resonance intensity would increase slightly like having a slight static charge on your body."


Dr. Duncan to electrosensible people who complain of covert harassment:

"So, what have I clued you in on? Discharging your body of excess ions on its surface in a pseudo chaotic way and changing your body resonances by altering its capacitance. Any other ideas?"






Robert Duncan Ph.D. lecture on "Cybernetics, Intelligent Systems of Control" at the Bases Project 2nd International Conference (2015)


Robert Duncan Ph.D., Artificial Intelligence and Robotics scientist, Harvard graduate (graduated with honors in computer science - minor in premedical studies), worked on projects for CIA, US Dept. of Defense & Dept. of Justice, DARPA, US Navy, NASA, NATO


In 2005 he testified together with former LA/South California FBI head before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Judiciary Committee, and 23 members of Congress regarding non-consensual experimentation on  citizens.


Keynote speaker at Bases Project 2nd International Conference and Film Festival 2015

organised by Miles Johnston

St John's Marlborough International Academy – Theatre on the Hill, Wiltshire, England



Title of lecture (2nd lecture): Cybernetics, Intelligent Systems of Control





Transcript :


[2:38] People know my background from yesterday's speech. My real specialty is Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


Redefining what human beings will be in the future. And a lot of people find this scary: I don't want to be redefined, I don't like this idea, something that's beyond my control. The very sense of self is going to be altered. Well, you're actually under a lot of control systems and you have been since birth. Indoctrination, how did you learn to speak the language that you speak, what's “educate”, how do you know how to behave in society and culture so you've been indoctrinated. There are a whole bunch of forces that are controlling you and manipulating you at any time.


So there is this field called cybernetics and I am going to define it as Wikipedia defines it. It is a notion that we are not separated from machines, we are actually systems. It's a concept that we are all part of an economic system, we are part of a tribe, part of a culture and that even bionics or other human augmentation (that was my speech yesterday) is still a part of us.


So let me define cybernetics for you. [Slide at 4:21] So the man who actually defined the word, created it in 1943 was a guy by the name Rorbert Wiener (same time the CIA was created by the way). “The science of control communication in the animal and the machine”. Now, there are many definitions of cybernetics. I think I have read about 71 of them before creating this presentation. And many individuals have influenced this definition, this direction of Cybernetics. The man, Robert Wiener, mathematician, engineer, social philosopher, coined this word from the greek which means “steersman" or “governor/governence”. He defined it as “the science of control and communication in the animal and the machine”. (…)


[5:43] I have studied under Noam Chomsky for linguistics at MIT. He is kind of a political activist, he is a brilliant linguistics teacher and I studied for Artificial Intelligence to try to have computers translate natural language processes. (...)


[6:20] There is an interesting article that came out recently. Given my works, this isn't actually all that new. What is fascinating is the civilian scientists are catching up with some of the military's work. So this article came out about a week go and they're they're literally connecting brains of other species. Now, how did they prove that this is actually occurring. They look at the entrainment. So they have a problem, let's say it is a bunch of rat brains, three of them, all cybernetically linked. They can read the EEG patterns and see that they're solving the same problem; and one rat, if he has a special experience, will transfer that into the next brain into the next brain. So it's a type of indoctrination just like with us human beings. You know and this is great if you have children, you want them to think the same way you do (...). But we use spankings and lollipops and verbage, basically to (laughs) control children...


[7:50] So what I study... and I just find absolutely fascinating. And this is what is happening and the last speakers can probably confirm that... The government is working on what's called “Cybernetic Hive Minds" and this technology is actually quite old, it's been around since the sixties. But it has many positive uses and I promised myself when I started writing this presentation, that I would take a positive spin to do everything... because there is a very dark side to all of this. And, you know, “warning to humanity”, do we really want to go down this path. Some of the uses are increased intelligence; you know, everybody wants a little edge, you drink coffee, so you are awake. What if there is a way of putting a microchip, which MIT has already done, to help people that have their short-term memory damaged in some sort of way, either the aging process, car accidents. And the neurons actually “brought to the tube”... and it replaces short-term memory. They can do this in mice, where one mouse learns a skill, running through a maze; place that microchip to another mouse or rat's brain and it has some memories of how to solve the maze faster than a rat that wouldn't have the microchip.






[10:35] The “Cybernetic Hive Minds”, it is literally used in the computing power of multiple people or other animals. I remember reading one report by the army, it is kind of a dark story, but they connected an ape's brain with a young girl's brain in a cybernetic, just two person-animal “Hive Mind” and they thought the ape would recognize itself (...). It is not what happened, the ape ended up killing the girl. They have been running these experiments for a long time.




[12:06] In “Cybernetic Hive Minds”, right now about 4 people, 6 people can be hooked up. And they are useful for things like brain storming, a sort like a conference, communicating, but it is happening more rapidly and if you have more than that the brains become schizophrenic and the thoughts overlap too much and they can't focus on whatever the problem is that they are trying to solve. Now of course the military and the CIA, and your MI5, MI6, they like this because it is a great interrogation tool. Imagine that you can't keep any secret. Can't keep them from yourself...So what they are working on is much on the interrogation part, probing the mind, which you can do even in the dream state and you have no defenses. They want to see if they can insert thoughts into the human being.


So another dark topic is mind control, and earlier there have been other speakers that talked about this, but this is a problem. We all love our privacy, we all love our “sense” of free will and I do strongly say it's just a sense about autonomy, you're always, unless you are in a sensory deprivation chamber, you are always getting other influences that your mind is reacting to. You also use it for sampling the population, for predictions of mass influence. What if we say this on television, you know a policymaker and your government, how would the population respond, what other words can we use and so it's a way of testing and pulling the population without them even being aware that that's happening.


But my favorite is accelerated education. You know I spent so many years in school, probably a third of my life. Imagine that you can pay for a system that clones your professors ideas and thoughts quickly, eliminating all the errors of thoughts...I mean that's a huge boost to the economy, because we spend so much money on education. But is that mind control. You can ask yourself: is education mind control ? It's a way to teach people how to think, it is mind control. And these are ethics and morals that you're going to have to determine for yourself.



So really, what I think is amazing, and I am going to put a positive spin on this, is we are starting to mix and reconfigure minds, as partially human and partially AI and those are the experiments that are being tested on some of the public. They are often called the mergent minds. And they are completely alien to this planet. Planet has never seen that but we are creating it. It is a sort of like genetic engineering, we are mixing genes up, new species are going to arise from that, how do you know, how do you define it, how do you classify it.









Karen Stewart, former NSA employee, victim of Covert Harassment, mentions which Senators could be approached on the subject of Covert Harassment


“I know that Senator Lankford from Oklahoma has been given information about how many thousands of people are on the watch list who are innocent and don’t belong there and he has talked about trying to get legislation to allow people to get off the watch list without everybody having to sue the government. And he has also talked a little bit about compensation. So he is a good person to approach and I would also approach Ron Wyden from Oregon who was investigating, asking people to send information that they had about the intelligence community purposefully misinterpreting law in order to do things they should not been doing. So he is another person to approach.”


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Senator Lankford "Facebook LIVE Conversation" on 2017-03-22 available on video:

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Dr. John Hall interview with Sean Stone (Oliver Stone's son) on technologies of brain interference (mind control) and Targeted Individuals


Buzzsaw with Sean Stone


Teaser video (duration of 2min50s) with explanation of the technology

Full episode (requires subscription to Gaia)




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Notes from the interview of Dr. John Hall with Sean Stone


"on the most complained about crime on the internet"


Issues: Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Interference of two frequencies linked to EEG imposition and brain entrainment used in pilots in the 70s, how you can show you hear voices by standing under a ceiling fan, subcontractors with government clearances (cf satellites), Woodpecker, Nixon mood complaints when visiting the US Embassy in Moscow.



Dr. John Hall's ex-fiance had symptoms of brain interference (mind control) and was also being followed by unknown people. John set up counter-surveillance measures for her with private investigators. After investigation he found out that she was followed by a group of private investigators of a company that was run by a former FBI agent. He obtained concrete evidence and identification from license plates. Texas laws were not very advanced on stalking and a restraining order could not be obtained unless there was physical damage etc. However, thanks to John's case and another case which involved loss of life (murder), Texas laws changed and a restraining order can now be obtained if you see the same person following you twice. As he couldn't get help from law enforcement he decided to write a book entitled "a New Breed, Satellite Terrorism in America" to expose this subject. After some radio shows and interviews he did for the book, he received thousands of emails reporting similar issues.
In response to Sean's question on who is responsible for these actions, John said that after the initial mind control studies performed by the CIA with the MK-ULTRA program, and after having the Rockefeller Commission and the Church Committee, these activities have been moved to the private sector with subcontractors who have clearance in accessing technology via computers (note: reference to satellite technology) and it is well known there are more people with clearances outside the government than inside.
On the technology used - "Remote Neural Monitoring"
John mentions that the technology used is termed "Remote Neural Monitoring". They used this back in the 70s to monitor pilots. You shoot two dissimilar frequencies into the brain, each hemisphere will entrain different frequency and when these two hemispheres with different frequencies compete, they "spit out" an interference frequency. It was found that you can decode the EEG from that interference frequency. Alleged intended use was to monitor pilots for sleepiness or hallucinations during long 48h sorties and buzz them to wake them up for instance during war time. They then found that they could entrain the EEG to cause changes in mindfulness, changes in attitude, in emotion and it began being used on those parameters.
John continues by saying that this was similar to the earlier cases we saw like the Woodpecker and the case of the US Embassy in Moscow. They noticed that every time Nixon was going there he has emotional disturbances, emotional breakdowns and they figured out that certain ELF waves can entrain into the brain. One way of thinking of it is like having an EEG wave catalogue of EEG waveforms that correspond to emotional states of depression or anger. If you entrain a person with that EEG, then that person will demonstrate that emotional state.
John's ex-fiance would hear voices into her head but also voices in her surroundings that were amplified with vibration. People report that when they are under a ceiling fan, they hear voice patterning and also when John's ex-fiance was near a mechanical pump, like an aquarium pump, which is a strong vibratory source, this would amplify the incoming transmissions. Over time and after concentration one can hear the communications. It seems to be magnitude and frequency specific to the individual.
It is interesting to know what John has to say about shootings that have been committed by people that were reporting to be targeted.
John believes that all this is in the frame of human experimentation and mentions his participation in the Bioethics Commission as a member of the "Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance" (FFCHS) organization. He adds "my whole take in this and the reason for my activism and my books has been that there are so many people complaining about it now and the complaints are identical, not similar, identical, and maybe it's time for another Congressional hearing" in order to understand if this technology is being used on the public.
Interestingly, John mentions that this is "the most complained about crime on the internet".
His advice to victims: if you try to persuade your family and coworkers without any luck, let it go and tell it to a human rights organization who will understand you.
He also advises people that if they cannot report to the police all the "wired" harassment they should report at least the stalking, because this is something that the police will address.






Dr. John Hall, medical doctor, advocate of Targeted Individuals (Biohacked Individuals)



Biography (from


"Dr. John Hall is a medical doctor from San Antonio, Texas and the author of « A New Breed – Satellite Terrorism in America » and « Guinea Pigs, Technologies of Control ». Both books deal with the phenomenon of electronic harassment and organized stalking. 

He is board certified in anesthesiology and pain management and runs a busy practice specializing in chronic pain therapy and stem cell therapy.


He is a member of the Mind Science Foundation, American Board of Anesthesiology, North American Neuromodulation Society, World Institute of Pain and the World Academy of Pain Management in Ultrasound. He is one of very few medical doctors directly dealing with this issue and its victims."


Dr. John Hall was featured in the NYT: 
"Dr. Hall, 51, was invited for an interview on “Coast to Coast AM,” a conspiracy-minded radio show based in California that is said to reach millions of listeners. After that, he said, “I had probably three or 4,000 emails from people saying: ‘It’s happening to me in this state.’ ‘It’s happening to me in Florida.’ ‘It’s happening to me in California.’ ”


The similarities of the cases spoke to a wide-ranging campaign, he said. “If the psychiatrists want to say that this is schizophrenia or delusional disorder, that’s fine,” he said. “But every one of these victims have the same story.” "


Books by Dr. John Hall


"Guinea Pigs, Technologies of Control"
(Excerpt from Amazon link:) "Starting with the CIA projects MKULTRA and MKSEARCH in the 1950s, the American public has been unwitting guinea pigs in a multitude of non-consensually performed experiments that have continued into the 21st century. "Knowing the United States government's dismal track record with regard to experimenting on the public without informed consent, the sheer number of people voicing identical complaints of electronic harassment, and surveillance had to be explored logically." 
Over the coming years, terms like "remote neural monitoring," "brain-mapping," and "electronic harassment" will become household words."


"A New Breed – Sattelite Terrorism in America"…
"A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America is based on real events and what the author calls a new form of terrorism. Dr. Hall has treated numerous patients who have complained about voices in their heads, which ultimately drive them to psychosis. He tells of his relationship with Mallory, an attractive young woman with a bright future. Upon beginning a new profession, Mallory begins experiencing unexplainable events, including mind control, surveillance, stalking and rape."


Dr. John Hall's book to become a movie…


Video embedded in the NYT article page






Dr. John Hall, medical doctor, advocate of Targeted Individuals (Biohacked Individuals) talks about his book « A New Breed – Satellite Terrorism in America »



(This video was also embedded in a NYT article page featuring Dr John Hall)


« A satellite based tracking and harassment system based on directed energy weaponry and electromagnetic weaponry used by the government. It is used globally in an apparent experimental fashion to harass certain people. »


« The group perpetrating the attacks in San Antonio, Texas and other Texas cities has been identified my myself and others independently of me and is a former FBI agent running a private investigator group. I never directly approached them but we spent quite a bit of money counter-surveilling them, running their plate numbers and making sure we had legitimate identities. »


« The private investigator group is accessing a government form of tracking technology and electromagnetic weaponry that allows them to remotely track a person apparently via electromagnetic impulses picked up from their brain and basically torture them with electromagnetic weaponry that can cause increasing heart rate, muscle twitches, heart burn, severe headaches, blurred vision and attacks on the central nervous system. This is actually being reported by approximately 300.000 people nationwide and appears to be experimental in nature. »


« The perpetrator groups doing this kind of targeting do have to be given access to this technology (…). This is not technology that anyone can get online and find access to. At the very top there are appropriate agencies collecting the data ; however at the community level at each major city there are perpetrator groups that are pretty much allowed « carte blanche » to use this technology however they see fit. »




John Hall on Ella free's community call on 10/15/2016






Dr. Barrie Trower, British physicist and microwave weapon expert (Royal Navy and British Secret Service) was asked to investigate detection of microwave targeting of politicians and athletes during London Olympics


Refer to interview by ICAACT



Interview (youtube video and transcript) with Deborah Tavares.

Excerpts from interview with ICAACT 
Dr. Trower: The Olympics, this was a big case. I was contacted by somebody in a government, a very high official in a government. A prime minister, some ministers and some Olympic athletes were being targeted. People did detect microwaves around the athletes and I was called in as one of the scientists to try to explain what was happening. And I was asked to write quite a lengthy document, took about two days and two nights, with all of the proof to show that government officials can be targeted for various reasons, to have them make false decisions, or bad decisions, or for blackmail. With the Olympic team it is possible to make Olympic athletes lethargic and if you can take just two or three seconds off of an Olympic athlete’s time, you lose the Gold Medal, but similarly you can also stimulate an Olympic athlete. There are frequencies you can use that will stimulate the brain and stimulate hormones and enzymes that will stimulate the body. (…)
For instance, the adrenal glands or the kidneys, you could send beams directly to the adrenal glands, and we know this could happen; the endocrine glands would produce adrenaline which you wouldn’t normally produce in a race. (…) If I leapt up now with a knife and started to attack you, you would produce adrenaline which would give you super strength, super speed, super brain activity to fight me off. So if you target these glands, and it isn’t just the adrenal, target these glands with the correct pulse frequency that will induce the hormone or the enzymes to be released then you are giving your athlete a distinct advantage but it is untraceable when they do the drug tests at the end of the races, it is just an ordinary natural orderly hormone, or enzyme, or chemical.
Dr. Trower's facebook page





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Dr. Barrie Trower is asked whether the Olympics organizers should perform radiation measurements (given that such acts could be equivalent to doping)

Excerpts from interview with ICAACT 


Dr. Trower: They should have detectors to detect if countries are using microwave transmitters. Now it doesn’t have to be on the track or near the track. You could have a microwave if you’re aiming at a specific person you could be quite a distance away especially if they are being tracked by one of the systems known as Celldar by computer. In fact you could have a van several streets away and it could beam right through the houses to the athlete when the athlete is asleep, when the athlete is walking around, when the athlete is on the track, it’s quite easy to follow somebody and beam them. The technology is there. It’s been known for forty years that this could be done.”
Question: Basically that would be up to the individual country to send equipment to detect those frequencies?
Dr. Trower: I would use a spectrum analyzer, very similar to the one you have there and I would monitor any incoming radiation to see who it’s aimed at and what the pulse frequencies are. They would interest me. And I would also make sure that there was some form of detector, if I were organizing it, in the track where the running track is to make sure that no one is being beamed once they are running and somebody could do it virtually with a handheld transmitter. It’s not difficult to beam microwaves for a short period of time provided you have a decent power supply.
Question: Are we speaking handheld, something that could be concealed in a camera?
Dr. Trower: Easy, easy. You would need the technology to put it together and you would need a decent power source but it could quite easily be done, you know with a pair of binoculars. It could easily be done.
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Dr. Barrie Trower "has a list of 25 to 30 frequencies which can induce up to 50 physiological and neurological illnesses"


Excerpts from interview with ICAACT


[8:49] Can microwaves send chills or does the body receive their frequency and ... you understand what I am trying to say ?


Absolutely, yes. The endocrine system, the pituitary glands, the pineal gland, the adrenal glands, thyroid, parathyroid, they will control the body's temperature and how you feel. Now what happens is that the endocrine glands are particularly sensitive to microwave irradiation, particularly sensitive, and if the microwaves are affecting any of the endocrine glands, for instance if they affect the adrenal glands on the kidneys, and that is known to happen, then you will have cortisol being released into the body. That will cause heart palpitation, a feeling of panic and within two hours your immune system will start to crash. And when your immune system crashes then you can have your joint pains and all the other things. So that is from the adrenal.


[3:04] You stated in another interview that you have the largest list of frequencies and their causes.


This is going back now to when I was questioning spies in the cold war. I have a list of 25 to 30 frequencies which can induce up to 50 physiological and neurological illnesses. The problem we have today is that under the direction of the US government in 1976, most of the western countries, Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States were advised to keep everything secret. The military and the industry could be protected, you could protect their profit margin; and if the people in the military knew that the equipment they were using could give them tumors then they could start law suits. So the advice in 1976 from the American government was not to tell people the truth, to keep it secret; which is why we have this mess today. It is the industry, what I call the silly boys that come out of the university these days with their electronic degrees, they just sewed all these chips together; they have absolutely no idea what is going though people, don't know the pulse frequencies, they don't know what they can cause and so what we have now is a runaway train. And there will be so many lawsuits if the truth were known and accepted, so many lawsuits that the whole industry would be bankrupt.


Note: Dr Robert Duncan in his book « Project Soul Catcher volume 2 » on page 9 mentions that « The Air Force accidentally missclassified and released research related to finding more UHF and microwave frequencies that release neurotransmitters ».


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"Ex-CIA and MI5 Agent and Whistleblower Carl Clark Reveals Covert Electromagnetic Torture of Civilians by Intel Agencies in US/UK/Europe/Asia with Directed Energy “Non-Lethal” Neuroweapons"

PDF by Stopeg 
Article by Ramola Dharmaraj 
Translations by Rudy2's multilungual blog
(traduction en français disponible)




2016-08-19 David Voigts near Saint Louis Missouri: Interview to Coast to Coast AM


David Voigts Former US Naval Officer, Graduate of US Naval Academy (Degree in Control Systems Engineering) who has worked in Electronics Warfare travels across the US to raise awareness on Targeted Individuals and Electronic Weapon Harassment.


While in Gray’s Summit, west of Saint Louis, Missouri, yesterday, David gave an interview to Coast to Coast AM's George Noory (who has also served in the Navy).

Interview audio was recorded by a targeted individual and published as YouTube video





An excellent video at this facebook link


Thank You David for your courage and stance on justice while making this voyage on behalf of everyone who is affected. The world needs more folks like you.




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2016-07-21: Former Naval Officer in Electronic Warfare, David Voigts, is Walking Across the US to Create Public Awareness of 'Targeted Individuals" via Bloomberg


David Voigts: facebook & twitter


David Voights facebook post: "CNN story confirms that Baton Rouge shooter was a Targeted Individual"



Hiked from Washington DC onto the C&O canal yesterday afternoon. Got the new tent set up...up...…

Photo published for TI in America - Cross Country Walk




TY Dan Gaffney of 105.9 for the radio interview this past Monday. Coverage of the TI topic means a lot to the victims and their families.



Tweets: @infobookcom

Former Naval Officer in Electronic Warfare @DavidVoigts1911 walking across US for Awareness on #TargetedIndividuals @infobookcom

Frm Naval Officer ElectrWarfare @DavidVoigts1911 :@CNN story confirms #BatonRouge shooter was a #TargetedIndividual…