On the causation of directed-energy neuro-attacks known as "Havana Syndrome" and "Anomalous Health Incidents" (AHI)

Examining the electromagnetic (electronic) fence used for space situational awareness.

Hypothesis: Allocating RADAR resources used for a national/allied electromagnetic fence used to surveil and protect land, sea, air, and space.
Digital beamforming or generation of "micro-fences" which are directed on human targets.
The fact that digital manipulations are required is in favor of this scenario.
Countries and allied structures have electromagnetic surveillance RADAR systems or sensors to protect land, sea, air, and space. These include the missile warning system. Defense communications (e.g. ELF/VLF range) may be included. All sensors are combined by creating an electromagnetic or electronic fence in order to provide a consolidated output for space situational awareness (SPA).
Robert Becker* referring to the Soviet Woodpecker: R. Beck "said it acts as a crude over-the-horizon radar that would pick up a massive first strike of U.S. missiles if Soviet spy satellites and other detectors were knocked out. Second, the signal's modulations are an ELF medium for communicating with submarines underwater. Third, he claimed the signal has a biological by-product about which he promised further information."
1. Discuss the components of a national or allied electromagnetic fence:
3. Are there other precedents, except for the Soviet Woodpecker, of biological by-products or biological influences originating from components of a national/allied electromagnetic fence? Discuss the PAVE PAWS case (U.S. East and West early warning RADAR in the 1970s):