Protest against Electromagnetic Harassment, 17th June, Paris


Manifestation contre l'Harcelèment Electromagnétique, le 17 juin à Paris










Targeted Individual Mind Control Protest at BBC London on 2017-02-25 


"We will stand in front of the BBC from 1 o'clock. If you can't be there, call the BBC to tell them to hear us and to use the term "Targeted Individual" as much as possible".


Stefanie van de Velde, organizer of the event. 


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First two pictures from this video






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Washington DC Protest for Targeted Individuals on November 5th 2016


organized by Todd Giffen


Event link:


Todd Giffen talks about the event at an interview with PACTS International on 2016-10-31 available here:


(Todd talks about the event from 5:25 to 28:00 and then receives questions. He notes that all major national networks and freelance journalists will be present to cover the march organized by the activist and hacktivist group "Anonymous").





TIs talked to the President's personnel at the White House!

Todd Giffen: "We asked Barack Obama for help personally by instructing his law enforcement and secret service of these atrocities."



Photos below by Todd Giffen




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Targeted Individual Protest at the White House, October 3rd 2015 8am


YouTube link

(video by Todd Giffen)







Vigil & Meeting during Prime Minister Time at UK House of Parliament against CovertHarassment on 2016-07-13



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#MindControl Targeted Individual Protest in Poland, Monday 4th July 2016


organized by STOPZET Polish organization (that had held joint meeting with WORLD CACH - World Coalition Against Covert Harassment)


A participant has created a meetup post in English


Here is their facebook post in Polish (I used Google Chrome to read it):


A facebook event link is given at the end:




credit for meetup post information: peacepink member hassanmcv



The protest in the media 2016-07-04:





2016-05-12: Poland Defence Minister prepares report on use of Electromagnetic Weapons against citizens

via @stopeg







International TI meeting, Saturday 28th May 2016, Rotterdam, Netherlands









2016-05-08| Les personnes électrociblés : Intervention @Debout_EducPop par Fédérique, victime





L'enregistrement de l'intervention est en bas de la page et aussi:


Debout Education Pop @Debout_EducPop… Frédéric est venu nous parler des électrosensibles et des électrociblés (08/05 - 17h) #EducPop #69mars #NuitDebout



Poste facebook





Le site de Frédéric pour les #électrociblé

email en bas:


Un groupe dédié aux victimes francophones de