Electronic Harassment Investigation by KMIR News 6 (NBC affiliate) “You Ask, We Investigate” 


2012-11-12 | Story by Angela Monroe

KMIR News is NBC affiliate for Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley







Anchors: “Hundreds of people in the Valley say they are hearing voices in their heads. Those voices are being transmitted by microwave or other methods. Several viewers asked us to investigate what they call electronic harassment. KMIR 6’s Angela Monroe joins us now with what she's discovered”.


Angela Monroe: “Electronic harassment, synthetic telepathy, voice to skull technology; chances are you haven't heard of these terms, but after searching the internet I found dozens of websites dedicated to the phenomenon and several Valley residents who say they are victims.”


A group of victims talk to the reporter about the electronic harassment.

“How much more can you invade me? Then to go into my brain.”

“It sounds like somebody else is reading the book, only it’s thoughts. We're not having a group hallucination, this is actually something that's happening.”


These men all live in the area, didn't know each other before the voices started and they say someone is playing mind games with them.


“Mostly it is a lot of derogatory comments about whatever you're thinking about. Only time I ever had a whole sentence he said ‘this is not about you’. It's just frosted maybe. if it's not about me; what the hell am I going through all this far!”


Kevin Bond says he used to have a normal life. “I was living in the San Diego area, I was looking for a federal judge and I noticed that I was being followed by a whole bunch of people”. According to the websites what Bond is describing is called gang stalking. He moved to Palm Springs to escape. “I started hearing, (…) “the hearing voices, “voice to skull” or “microwave hearing”.


Bob Stansfield says his experience is similar and started a decade ago. “They were active and following me around here and I started hearing the voices, a little bit after the vehicular stalking.” Randall Ringger says the voices started when he was undergoing chemotherapy. “The first thing that was said was ‘Randall Ringger’ and I sat up straight and I went to into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Looked myself in the eyes and I said, did that really happen”. Bond says he's found more than three hundred victims locally and it's tracking others across the state through billboards.


 In Johnson Valley a Freedom House just opened to help people who believe they are being targeted.

(Please note that the mentioned Freedom House, FFCHS, was recently discontinued).


Derrick Robinson: “Too many of you find yourselves being the object of covert harassment. (…) there is hope… and that you're not alone and that we are striving to on to find legislation; and we are working towards freedom for all.”


Derrick Robinson leads a National group called Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). He says he knows who's playing mind games. “Rogue government officials that are sponsoring this, also corrupt business officials and private citizens”. And he also told us how. “Most of it is delivered by microwave”. “And I believe it’s satellite delivered, whether someone is on a remote location using a laptop or next door using the desktop”. Bond says neurotransmitter chips that runoff body electricity have been inserted into some people. “And they assign cell phone numbers to them the cell phone numbers are then run through a computer and a computer translates your thought. This crime has been available to the military for 60 years.”


We sat down with local psychiatrist Dr. Alan Trucker to get his professional opinion (…)


These men of their own theories why they're being harassed. “I think that I was targeted because I'm gay”. “I reported people, someone, for selling what I I thought they were selling, drugs; and they were”. Nationwide this crime is committed that sixty percent against white women ages from 32-38 but in Palm Springs it's almost ninety eight percent gay men”.


“When I worked with the government I heard a lot of people coming in and saying I'm hearing voices through my tooth. Now I look back and I think are they like I am now and I just didn't pay attention?” For them the voices are a waking nightmare.”


Angela Monrow: “And Kevin Baughn told me they're working on a book project about electronic harassment and pitching the idea to Dreamworks.”




Documentary on Targeted Individuals by VICE, Matt Shea

Featuring Miles Johnston, The BASES Project
Vice Reports: Targeted Individuals (May 2017)
"Meet the Targeted Individual Community": https://youtu.be/62s3FinAoC0



Three victims of Electromagnetic Harassment, Kieron Lee Perrin, Fiona, and Shane Gibbs are interviewed by VICE journalist Matt Shea.


The documentary starts with scenes of Matt Shea attending the 2016 Bases Conference (in Pewsey, UK) organized by Miles Johnston.

Matt says: "At this stage we have heard a lot about what a "Targeted Individual" is. I mean everyone has heard someone make a string of unbelievable statements like that. But when you hear that person say that and you look around and you are in a room with 60 other people all nodding in agreement, that is a weird feeling."


At the beggining of the conference Miles Johnston refers to targeted individual Max Spiers who passed away in mysterious circumstances a few weeks before. 

Miles Johnston: "A lot of the people I have interviewed in Bases over the last 20 years... very terrible things have subsequently happened to them, because what they are talking about is real, it is dangerous, people's lives are affected and (...)".

Matt Shea: "Max took it upon himself to keep everyone informed about the ongoing investigation."


As Matt said, a known well target that Max has interviewed regularly is Kieron Lee Peron.


Starting at 5:50 Kieron talks to Matt about what it is to be a targeted individual. From 8.20 onward he shows his brain MRI scans which show the presence of foreign bodies.


At 12.01 Matt interviews Fiona (Cambridge University graduate). Fiona demonstrates protecting clothing and a special metallic storage box where she sleeps when targeted.


At 16.53 Matt interviews Shane, Kieron's friend. Following the interview, Shane had been electromagnetically attacked intensely and was feeling ill as mentioned at the next interview starting at 24.50.


At 29.51 there is an appreciable interview of Professor of Clinical Psychologist Philippa Garety.

Two other TIs, Naomi and Richard appear starting at 32:55.







BBC story on British « conspiracy theorist » Max Spiers (UK 1976 - Poland 2016)

Published 2017-02-25 – Story by India Rakusen


Note : Max Spiers was a victim of Covert Harassment, Electromagnetic Harassment, a « Targeted Individual »


Miles Johnston, investigative journalist, service provider for different UK media including BBC, senior technical director at SKY TV for 20 years is interviewed by BBC on the case.


Episode 1 http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-39077231

(Note that there is no indication of « viewer discretion advised » for the four episodes, but some people may find a story on such an investigation emotionally difficult to follow. If you are only interested in obtaining the information related to the Covert Harassment issue, please find related transcript excerpts below).


[time point 4.40] I. Rakusen: This is Miles. He calls himself a transhumanisation researcher. He knew Max for many years and invited Max to speak at conferences.

MJ: Max talked about super soldiers, he talked about deep underground bases, he talked about Nightmare Hall where they'd been making all these types of creatures in the labs in Dulce and in this country.


[time point 5.19] What did Max think happened to him when he was a child?

MJ: Max was a part of group of children, about 40 children, who were treated in very special ways.

IR :OK, here Miles is talking about the super soldier programme that Max thought he was part of.

MJ: But they were trained to survive an enemy that they needed to be able to conquer and that's what he was fighting.


MJ:You keep on saying "this belief system". If you are actually in a program and you're actually with other children exposed to different military conditions by other elements who are in control, then that's not a belief system, that's happened to you in your life.


Max Spiers : I was targeted as an individual from birth. (...) There are a number of different ways to traumatise, to split the mind of the child, so that it creates, alters, maybe like a honeycomb. The reason behind fracturing the mind is so that when the mind is fractured through trauma, the mind fractures itself and creates an amnesiac barrier around that, so that you don't have to keep reliving the experience over and over again.




Episode 2



[time point 2:52] IR : Miles first met Max at a super soldier conference in Nevada and they became good friends.

[time point 4.25] MJ : When I met him in Canterbury we were being tracked by at least four pairs of agents; but there was one particular guy who was making a big show of walking around the place and he did a thing called “trigger Max”. One of the things, and this is the point about these children, is that you can programme a person's personality.

IR :So that they behave in different ways according to what you want them to do.

MJ :Yes and with a trigger word, that is called a trigger word, bingo, they will switch.

IR :Miles suggests here, if I've got this right, that Max could be switched on and off into different states by unknown people. He even goes on to suggest:

MJ : One of the signatures of programming is addictive behaviors.


[time point 6.29] MJ : It is called trauma-induced mind control. You put the individual in a state of trauma so their normal personality basically wants to get out of that trauma, it wants to kill the pain. And once that happens, bingo you 've shattered the person's, the individual's personality and then the person who's done that can control that and you can have a couple of hundred different personalities.


IJ : That just sounds like addiction though but you 've given it a face.

MJ :No, that's why, it's the trauma which causes you to go for the addiction to get rid of the trauma.



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Please note that Miles Johnston is an investigative journalist who created the Bases Project in 1994 to investigate allegations of Mind Control Laboratories in two UK secret military bases. He had interviewed an employee of the Peasemore base, Barry King who had mentioned that he was a participant in a government-run survey since he was a child.


Here is an excerpt from « VOICE FILES BASES 2 - Part I https://youtu.be/vx5F0r84wwg

Full transcript available here: http://www2.information-book.com/mind-control-awareness/the-bases-project-miles-johnson/


BK : The survey is run by the governments of three main countries that is the UK, the USA and Canada. This survey is actually run from Harwell who have very close links as I said with Peasemore.


BK : Most participants in the survey are active from early childhood. You undergo more medical check-ups, more X-rays, more blood tests. You are taken to various establishments, usually Harwell itself at the main one. You are monitored biologically, medically, throughtout your life, as I said that is ongoing.

MJ: So what key factor they are they looking for?

BK: I think what they're trying to produce in the long run is a Super Being.

MJ: So is this derived back to the World War II experiments that had herded?

BK: Certainly the Paperclip scientists, yeah, who were captured by the Americans, mostly taken over to the USA. Certainly that sort of experimentation has carried on since 1940s.


Barry King also refers to the notion of « triggers » in drug assisted hypnosis for mental task conditioning used in brainwashing techniques to create « sleeper agents » (similarly to the film « Telefon »). More details in the above ilink http://www2.information-book.com/mind-control-awareness/the-bases-project-miles-johnson/.



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Brainwashing and mental programming concept of «triggers» of dormant tasks for sleeper agents is found in film «Telefon». A mental task is programmed and is activated or «triggered» by a phrase.

The concept of the « trigger » is mentioned in the recent BBC story on British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers (UK 1976-Poland 2016). Miles Johnston says that Max Spiers was followed by 4 pairs of agents and that one of them was performing « trigger Max ».
« Telefon » : A film on a secret operation of KGB to deactivate its US sleeper agents that had been programmed during the Cold War to sabotage military infrastructure in the event of a conflict.
The plot of the film : Ordinary citizens blowing up declassified or abandonned military infrastructure and commiting suicide. What is the explanation ?
Following the Cuba missile crisis (US deploying ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey followed by Russia agreeing to Cuba's request to place nuclear missiles on the island), the KGB sent sleeper agents in the US, that is ordinary citizens which had been conditioned with a mental task using drug-assisted hypnosis. The task would be to sabotage civil and military infrastructure in the event of a conflict. This task could be subliminally activated with a special code phrase (a line from R. Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," followed by their real given names). Following an internal crisis, a rogue KGB agent takes the telephone book containing the names and telephone numbers of the sleeper agents, goes to the US and activates them, one by one.
The KGB dares not tell its political leaders, much less the US about its negligence to deactivate its sleeper agents and instead sends an agent, Major Grigori Borzov, who memorizes the only other copy of the above telephone book and is sent to stop the KGB rogue operative « quietly before either side learns what is happening and embarrasses the KGB or possibly starts a nuclear war ». He is given the assistance of an agent found in America, Barbara. Barbara is a double agent that will be ordered by the KGB to terminate Borzov after he accomplishes the mission. She also receives the same order from the US (she is told that in this way she will gain the confidence of the KGB). However, Barbara falls in love with Borzov and as mentioned in the official trailer « together they must accomplish what the two most sophisticated intelligence organizations in the world cannot ».
Link for the film :
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Ahead of 2017-02-25 protest at the BBC, Targeted Individuals are searching for hero journalists that will listen to them 


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Le Harcèlement Electromagnétique à la presse française

Revue française « Top Secret » n° 84 (28 mars 2016)




Documentary on TIs






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