How brain function can be hacked using RADAR techniques

Dr. Robert Duncan explains in his book "Project Soul Catcher" how a brain can be hacked with RADAR techniques. A brief excerpt is provided by Veterans Today Network at this link: Some passages are mentioned below.
"Radar pulses using the bit stream key (are) sent to the target brain, and if it hits just right along with the others, a few microseconds later an evoked potential should be detected. This indicates that the brain key is being accepted."
"Each one represents a “brain-resonance” or a state that was achieved. They are templates that can be replayed into the target mind. As the brain mapping proceeds other bit streams fall into place into the whole cognitive model faster and faster like when coming closer to completing a jigsaw puzzle.”
"A signal “tailored” to a person’s unique brain signature will not affect other brains exposed to the signal. Thus, people standing even in close proximity to a targeted person would not notice anything unusual other than perhaps the target’s behavior."


Prediction of bit streams (notion of "telepathy") by receiver in a data communication wireless network 


"If the receiver is trained enough, it starts learning the pattern of the bit stream sent by sender and gradually it starts predicting the bit stream before sending."