Katherine Horton, PhD and Research Fellow Oxford University, former CERN researcher reports her targeting by directed energy devices/weapons


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Dr Katherine Horton receives hardest directed energy attacks while in Germany on 2016-12-24



Note at this screen capture of the above video that the Acousticom 2 meter has a bottom red light on indicating that it is on the highest scale and it also indicates maxiumn signal on the vertical scale.


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Letter by NSA whistleblower in support of Katherine Horton


Karen Stewart, former NSA employee, whistleblower, who has sued the agency, and who is harassed by directed energy related practices (weapons/devices) responds to Katherine Horton's (Physicist, Oxford PhD, former CERN researcher) appeal and writes to the German Ambassador in Bern to "heed her story, examine her proof, utilize her expertise of physics and her unfortunate experience as a target" and develop strategies against use of directed energy weapons/devices on people.
Article by Ramola Dharmaraj

"(...) but in addition, they have now been utilizing a mobile type of Directed Energy Weapon against me for over a year. In common vernacular this is referred to as Electronic Harassment (EH) though it is far more damaging and deadly than mere harassment.

While Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) have been in existence and development sixty years or more, I can tell you that what is officially said publicly about their development, and their actual progress and usage is far from up to date. The claim that various types are non-lethal (...)" 

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Interview/Community Call with Ella free on 2016-12-15 

Please find the podcast at this link: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/141476
Podcasts are listed next to their date (2016-12-15 for this one)


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Dr Katherine Horton reports her targeting at the Richie Allen show on 2016-11-07



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Dr. Katherine Horton's site: https://stop007.org/

Twitter account: @Stop007org

Email: contact@stop007.org

Her videos on YouTube



Following her appearance on the Richie Allen Show, Dr. Katherine Horton receives brutal head attack by directed energy devices/weapons at meter max



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Figure 1:Measurement with Acousticom 2 meter. Dr. Horton:"Every single one of those (sounds) really hurts"




Figure 2: Measurement with spectrum analyzer (0 to 1GHz)

Please watch the measurement from 5'.40" to 8'.05"

Red: Dr. Horton measures a pick at 560Hz with an amplitude of -45dBm (average). She says that this is broadcasted to her house non-stop.

Green: She picks up the mobile phone at 850-950MHz.

Yellow: Another peak at 200Hz with an amplitude of -61dBm


Dr. Horton cites Senior DARPA official Dr. Paul Batcho: Certified measurement of a frequency between 400-700MHz is an act of terrorism (Link).





Figure 3: Shielding with aluminium foil at Dr. Horton's office




Physics Professor Igor Goychuk sends a message to Katherine 


comment at this facebook post


Igor Goychuk  The Plague came. Ever more people are attacked. I am experiencing this already over 15 years, longer that WWI and WWII lasted together. Hey folks, did you realize that we all are living in an Electronic KZ. No? Because those beasts still did not attack you, and you believe that you are free? Keep your right up, Katherine! You are not alone and you must fight. It will be very very long fight against fascistic beasts, against nonhumans. High spirit, Katherine! igoychuk.wordpress.com




Neal Chevrier

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Post by Neal Chevrier
"It's time for the long list of projects created in 400 hours of R&D conference calls with technicians and engineers to be completed so we can protect ourselves from the harmful wireless networks and prove the validity that we are being attacked by organized crime networks with directed energy weapons. Please support our worthy cause. Many of you know the depth of our dedication from 
Citizens Against Harmful Technology.
www.citizensaht.org "


(Note that Neal spoke at Ella free's podcast with Katherine Horton)


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Facebook post

Neal Chevrier, member of "Freedom from Covert Harassment & Surveillance" (FFCHS), refers to:
1. infection by altered Mycoplasma strain causing Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and being linked to Brucella used as biowarfare agent;
2. getting Lyme disease transmitted by bioengineered mosquitos (also the case for Mycoplasma);
3. use of a frequency generator, the Rife machine to eliminate pathogens;
4. destruction of property and microwave attack when he decided to create a healing center;
5. smart dust and quantum dots;
6. his partner, Skizit, her videos on Biosynthetics and Morgellon's, her website and her persecution;
7. his Sunday call;
8. his recent mosquito biting which deteriorated further his health;
9. his search on the H7N10 biowarfare coctail and his efforts with the Rife machine;
10. his plan to be certified in blood analysis and have better research equipment;
11. video of a Targeted Individual blood analysis.