Posted 2016-07-27

Congressman @Dennis_Kucinich and retired State Representative James Guest had tried to help #CovertHarassment victims









Retired State Representative James Guest letter in support of #TargetedIndividuals…









More information on @Dennis_Kucinich (and his wife)





@Dennis_Kucinich and wife @EJKucinich speaking in #Iowa about national security, GMOs and organic farming @FoxNews





I'll be attending the #NetanyahuSpeech tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be pleased to know of your work, @EJKucinich @unrwausa.




Arrived in #Gaza today with @unrwausa. Witnessing the ongoing suffering, 7 months after the last attack.





The hope that is #Gaza. Young, clear, bright. Meet Hind who wants to lead the world to #peace…











2016-07-21: Former Naval Officer in Electronic Warfare, David Voigts, is Walking Across the US to Create Public Awareness of 'Targeted Individuals" via Bloomberg


David Voigts: facebook & twitter


David Voights facebook post: "CNN story confirms that Baton Rouge shooter was a Targeted Individual"



Hiked from Washington DC onto the C&O canal yesterday afternoon. Got the new tent set up...up...…

Photo published for TI in America - Cross Country Walk




TY Dan Gaffney of 105.9 for the radio interview this past Monday. Coverage of the TI topic means a lot to the victims and their families.




Former Naval Officer in Electronic Warfare @DavidVoigts1911 walking across US for Awareness on #TargetedIndividuals @infobookcom

Frm Naval Officer ElectrWarfare @DavidVoigts1911 :@CNN story confirms #BatonRouge shooter was a #TargetedIndividual…






J. Giordano, professor of Neurology, DARPA & Pentagon advisor calls on Nations to prepare to address the neuroweapon threat ahead of the UN Bioweapons Convention 


Article by James Giordano, professor of neurology, member of DARPA's panel on neuroethics and Pentagon advisor

tweeter: @NeuroBioEthics


Dr. James Giordanoimage source



Information on actions UN & US:


1. Note that: "The Eighth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention will be held in the Palais des Nations from 7 to 25 November 2016". US Dept of State site


"(UN) member states should establish a clearer view of today’s neuroscience and neurotechnology, a better understanding of present and future capabilities, and a realistic picture of emerging threats."


2. In America, federally funded medical research with potential military applications can be regulated by Dual-Use Research of Concern policies at the National Institutes of Health, which reflect the general tenor of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention


3. I would also argue that the United States and its allies should take the proper security precautions in the form of increased surveillance of neuroscience R&D around the world. 



(credit :Article provided by peacepink member Gina Marie Risner)




US Dept of State site on the BWC