Former NSA (SIGINT) officials and whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe announce that they will start a study on Targeted Individuals



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Community call with former NSA (SIGINT) officials and whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe on 2016-10-06


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Three main parts:

00:00 – 00:50 W. Binney and J.Kirk Wiebe talk about their story.

00:50 – 1:00 W. Binney and J.Kirk Wiebe announce that they will become involved in investigating the subject of Targeted Individuals

1:00 – end Questions by community (1:14 David Voigts)


Willam Binney is considered to be one of the best crypto mathematicians and coders in the US.

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[52:50- 59:00] - Transcript


Kirk and I agreed to look at data that is being compiled by some other TIs and they are looking at a community around the world and trying to gather information. Here is what we are attempting to do.


We need to have some irrefutable process that will prove things that are happening, the kinds of things they are, what the consequences are and how it is affecting people. So we want first to assemble all the information that people have, not emotional, but just the basic facts, what is happening, and exactly what is it (…), those are the things that are affecting people and how they are being affected.


Then we will assemble information on what is known, from publications, so on, from the government, of non-lethal weapons that are being developed, and the kinds of consequences that can be occurred from these kinds of weapons.


So then we will try to be matching one with the other. And then we will be putting together ways and means at looking at the spectrum that these devices could operate in and see how it would be possible to detect and verify that these things are occurring.


And finally, we ‘ll try to put together recommendations on how people should proceed to prove what is happening to them specifically with evidence and compiled evidence that can be taken into a court of law and done in such a way that the methodology is not challenged by bringing any emotion into it, that it is a straightforward process of documenting events and happenings and evidence. We are trying to pull it using the discipline that we are using for out data analysis and so on that we have experienced. Kirk and I throw over 40 years now. And try to bring that into this process to make it a scientific process, that is reliable, demonstrable in a court of law.


A lot of us are very grateful for that. I am just curious, how did you find out about targeting?


William Binney: I was invited over to Brussels for a conference (…). I was invited over there to give a talk about the surveillance and I did that, and then I was listening to a whole series of people coming from various countries around the world talking about this. [Additional note:] Magnus invited me over.


J.Kirk Wiebe: Phil up in Connecticut, he has a radio show and tv up there (…). Phil Marie olived originally in New Hampshire and that’s where his targeting started. And it followed him down to Connecticut. He is interested in helping this whole thing as he can.


And of course when we get the survey ready to send out, you will be asked to help distribute it and get it out there amongst the population, people who believe they are being targeted. We need that input.


Binney: I was going to add one thing though. We had some questions that had to deal with the environment, because we had to eliminate that as a potential cause, like if you are next to high power tension lines, or microwave towers, or in a line of microwave, things like that that can also affect people. You need to be able to eliminate that as potential possibility and in the case of the testing you should be able to verify this is an issue if it is.


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