What could have triggered the microwave irradiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow?





The microwave irradiation of the U.S. embassy in Moscow 


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[1:56] "In 1962, a series of strange and unexplained illnesses plagued the Embassy staff."
Sheila Ostrander, author: "Three ambassadors in a row went home sick with cancer. And then many many of the staff all became very ill, depressed, disoriented, feeling very very sick and I am afraid that few of them had to also be recalled because of illness."


"Naturally the CIA suspicions were aroused. Project Pandora, the CIA's investigation into the source of these strange ailments uncovered what agents called "the Moscow signal", a pulsing beam of microwave energy directed at the Embassy from a building directly across the street. Investigators were further alarmed to learn that the beam was aimed at the office of the Ambassador himself, Walter Stoessel. Reports on the ambassador's health indicated that the beam was having a profound physical effect." 


"Despite American protests and attempts to shield the building, the radiation of the Embassy continued."


"When Nixon and his party were visiting there, apparently they began to have experience all kinds of symptoms of severe depression, crying... It wasn't just one it was virtually everyone in that group that was visiting."


"An analysis of the microwave beam revealed frequencies known to affect human behavior."

"American intelligence services recognized the pattern from their own simple experiments performed on animals."


"But this was something much more advanced. This evidence pointed to a microwave emitter used for the purpose of mind control."


Walter J. Stoessel (1920 - 1986, due to leukemia according to NYT article)
From same NYT article: "In 1976, after a public dispute over whether the Soviet authorities were using microwave beams against the United States Embassy for intelligence purposes, Mr. Stoessel was reassigned to West Germany, where he was Ambassador till 1981."





What was the reaction of the U.S. government to the Moscow Embassy irradiation?




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