Brain biometrics


Functional connectome: map of coordinated brain regions (when performing a task etc.)

Approximately 30% of the functional connectome is unique to the individual and can be used to identify individuals (functional fingerprint) over many years or distinguish their relatives from strangers.
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Brain waves as the next step in biometric identification

“Wearable brain measurement is an application that’s just about to go mainstream, and you can infer a lot of information about users.”
Cybersecurity researcher from Texas Tech U takes two EEG-based authentication systems (Berkley and Binghamton-Buffalo adaptation) and trains them on old medical dataset of EEG scans from a group of alcoholics. The machine learning classifier succeeds in picking up 25% of alcoholics in the sample.
Presented at 8th IEEE International Conference on Biometrics (Sept 6th-9th 2016)