EEG using the MindWave NeuroSky Mobile II headset and the "NeuroExperimenter" software



Use of "NeuroExperimenter" software file "neuroV6.1.4.msi" from the sites-google link mentioned at


It is possible to test the headset connection at the "test headset" tab (by clicking on "start test".)


You can visualize a brainwave formula of your choice such as the theta-beta ratio as follows:

At the "parms" tabs (abbreviation for "parameters") tab, for "derived formula" use t/(b1+b2) and click "connect" (Figure 1).


At the graph (emulation) tab, click on "Derived" to visualize the "derived formula" and optionally click on "Theta", "Beta1" and "Beta2" (Figure 2).



Figure 1: Parameters (parms) tab




Figure 2: Graph tab