Physical forces in the Brain


Video by @PHDcomics on the subject



.@PHDcomics explains the work of mechanical engineer Ellen Kuhl and its implications for diseases like #autism:




"Kuhl told me, “A lot of people are trying to understand the biology, chemistry, and electricity of the brain, but nobody was really looking at the physical forces in the brain.”"




Selections from the PHDcomics video:












via Scientific American:

"Developing Brains Fold Like Crumpled Paper to Get Their Convolutions"







The cited above study published in Science magazine

"Cortical folding scales universally with surface area and thickness, not number of neurons


Comment from This week in Science

An article on the study from same issue:








The finding of the brain folding that is different in autism

"Localized Misfolding Within Broca’s Area as a Distinctive Feature of Autistic Disorder"



A geometric brain marker for autism


(explained by the French National Center for Scientific Research)



L' #autisme se cache-t-il dans un pli du cerveau ? …