Quantum thinking


From the book "Quantum Integral Medicine: Towards a New Science of Healing and Human Potential" , By Michael Wayne


Excerpt from this page (p.77)

"According to Danah Zohar in her book, "Rewiring the Corporate Brain" there are three distinct ways of thinking.


The first is the way of rational, logical, rule-bound thinking, what is called serial thinking.


The second is associative, habit-bound thinking that allows for pattern-recognizing abilities, in which things are seen as interlinked. This is called parallel thinking.


The third was is creative, rule-breaking, and rule-making thinking that challenges assumptions, breaks habits, and changes mental models. This is quantum thinking.


Quantum thinking is holistic, unifying, and integrating; it is capable of seeing the whole picture. As Zohar writes, "It unifies all the millions of data impinging on the brain at every moment into a field of experience with which can deal. Quantum thinking itself seems to arise from a field across the brain built up by the synchronized oscillations of neurons from many different parts of the brain." "


Excerpt from page 68

"We talk about mind in frontier physics as if it were a nonlocal phenomenon, a la Bell's Theorem. In other words, in the quantum world everything is fundamentally interconnected. And mind has this property that when intention is applied it can be hightly specific toward another person, even on the other side of the planet, and effects can be seen. We really don't fundamentally understand conscioussness, but we can make an analogy to the world of quantum mechanics since we see evidence of this nonlocality in the realm of particles. In other words, if particles were once connected and later become separated from each other they remain correlated even if they're on the opposite ends of the universe. Humans apparently have the same kind of holistic interconnectedness that remains. We don't understand consciousness, but we can invoke the possibility of nonlocality from quantum physics. Perhaps it is how prayer and intention to heal work successfully over long distance."


Excerpt from page 68

"In another experiment she did with a German colleague, they found that the body and all organisms emit a low-level light, and they were able to measure it using very sensitive detectors that count photons, the particle of light coming out of the body. By doing this they showed that the light is coherent, like a laser. What they believe this demonstrated is that the emitted light carries information and may be involved in an internal, as well as external, communication system that conveys signals between living things.

Studies like these are building the case for a new theory of living systems."



"We all think in a quantum way" -"On pense tous quantique"

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Holonomic Brain Theory




"Pribram proposed that neural holograms were formed by the diffraction patterns of oscillating electric waves within the cortex.[25] It is important to note the difference between the idea of a holonomic brain and a holographic one. Pribram does not suggest that the brain functions as a single hologram. Rather, the waves within smaller neural networks create localized holograms within the larger workings of the brain.[5] This patch holography is called holonomy or windowed Fourier transformations."