The Fifth Dimension: If a capture of what we see is a 3D static frame and reality is frames in time (space time) or 4D, what would be 5D?


Answer: The different possibilities




A video by Rod Bryanton @10thdim (Direct link)

Related page from his blog (read along)

(video found at a facebook post by Robert Duncan)


Screen captures from the video above.



(this image and following ones from video by Rod Bryanton)

This is a capture of what we see, a 3D representation, a static one. This would be called in cinematography "a frame".






However, in reality we have frames in time, a moving representation, a cinematography (cinema=KINHMA=movement). This would be a 4D representation or "space time".





Multiple frames of space (space time) create a 4D "world line".




What links to the 4D, to space time?




The 5D which would be the different possibilities for events. I could stumble while walking or not. As shown above, I can get married or be single. If I get married, I may have children or my companion may be unwell.




This is similar to what Hawkings said on vertical time.


All above images are from video by Rod Bryanton @10thdim

Direct link - Related page from his blog (read along)




Different or parallel universes would refers to systems with different conditions and in practice to different possibilities for our life events.

Can we see the different possibilities? World with dinosaurs? Tricky explanation, related to 1 Planck constant and degrees of freedom.


The idea of parallel universes (e.g.with dinosaurs or not) is explained in the video of the same author on the sixth dimension.