100 years of General Relativity 

(November 2015)

Masses create dips in the space-time fabric which act as trajectories


A theory necessary for a 10km correction of a GPS signal: The spacetime of a satellite is less warped by the Earth's mass than the spacetime on the surface of the Earth



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"This is the main idea of general relativity and was summarised by the American physicist John Wheeler who said: "

'Matter tells space how to curve. Space tells matter how to move."


Note: Drop a big ball on a fabric: it creates a dip. Drop a smaller ball nearby: it will move on the trajectory of the fabric dip. 


Interactive also from http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zs7d2p3.






"Ultra-precise atomic clocks in the satellites run 45 millionths of a second faster per day than clocks here on the ground, deep in Earth's gravitational well."


"If those millionths of a second weren't taken into account when the satellite signals were synced, your GPS coordinates would be out by more than 10 kilometres."




A graphic showing how General Relativity is vital for GPS to be effective.






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Life at CERN(Image: CERN/Robert Hradil)

"This conversation in the CERN restaurant, captured by Robert Hradil, represents the link between the past and the present. The photograph illustrates the transfer of knowledge between generations of scientists."


Life at CERN

(Image: CERN/Gaetano Cessati)

"This photograph, taken by Gaetano Cessati, represents the history and heritage that made CERN what it is today. It was taken in the Organization’s archives (...)".





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"Einstein was standing on the shoulders of many scientists, not just the proverbial giants." ow.ly/UQnpU pic.twitter.com/rYGr2bM7Sv

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General Relativity at 100: The origins of space and time ow.ly/UZ8u0 pic.twitter.com/aJd6dsEWFL

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General Relativity at 100: Has giant LIGO experiment seen gravitational waves? ow.ly/UZ8tX pic.twitter.com/XJSjBFZ690

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