On Gravitational Waves


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The announcement of the detection of Gravitational Waves


Two black holes collided and merged 1.3 billion years ago generating gravitational waves that were detected on earth in September 2015


"It is by far the most powerful explosion humans have ever detected except for the big bang"


Einstein predictions are proven to be correct

(via Science Magazine article below) "“The things you calculate from Einstein’s theory look exactly like the signal,” he says. “To me, that’s a miracle.” "


(You generate #gravitationalwaves when you move; they're just too small for anyone (even #LIGO) to detect.)



[Theoretical physicist at Caltech]

Holy crap what a beautiful plot. I'm a bit verklempt. #LIGO



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What are Gravitational Waves?

A comic and a video (in 6 languages)



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(You generate #gravitationalwaves when you move; they're just too small for anyone (even #LIGO) to detect.)


Ripples in space-time have been detected a century after Einstein predicted them: https://www.quantamagazine.org/20160211-gravitational-waves-discovered-at-long-last/ …




When the big signal arrived in September, scientists in Europe, where it was morning, frantically emailed their American colleagues. As the rest of the team awoke, the news quickly spread. According to Weiss, practically everyone was skeptical — especially when they saw the signal. It was such a textbook chirp that many suspected the data had been hacked.


(blind injection=mock test)


 “Even the team that does the blind injections have not perfected their injections well enough not to leave behind lots of fingerprints,” Thorne said. “And there were no fingerprints.”


Einstein first thought that objects cannot shed energy in the form of gravitational radiation, then changed his mind. He showed in a seminal 1918 paper which ones could: Dumbbell-like systems that rotate about two axes at once, such as binary stars and supernovas popping like firecrackers, can make waves in space-time.


Judging by its shape and size, that first, loudest chirp originated 1.5 billion light-years away from the location where two black holes, each of roughly 30 solar masses, finally merged after slow-dancing under mutual gravitational attraction for eons. The black holes spiraled toward each other faster and faster as the end drew near, like water in a drain, shedding three suns’ worth of energy to gravitational waves in roughly the blink of an eye. The merger is the most energetic event ever detected.






Science Magazine ‏@sciencemagazine

Two black holes colliding 1.3 billion years ago led to the detection of #GravitationalWaves:


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Science Magazine ‏@sciencemagazine

The rumors are true--gravitational waves have been detected for the very first time: http://scim.ag/1TUJxts 




Science Magazine has quoted reader response to above tweet (in another tweet):


I understood some of these words. Luckily, someone spelled it out for me. @sciencemagazine


Thorne: colliding black holes created a violent storm in the fabric of space and time #LIGO #gravitationalwaves


What are gravitational waves and how are researchers hunting for them? bit.ly/1QrFa3M [Slide Show] #LIGO pic.twitter.com/69NR4x6ctj







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Watch: Gravitational waves are the ringing of space-time http://bit.ly/1V6mH0m  #LIGO





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The publication







LIGO - on the publication







"Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. We did it!" #nsfligo pic.twitter.com/AUwwT1zozv




LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) is comprised of >1000 people from >90 institutions & 15 countries worldwide pic.twitter.com/17rVKgBWm0


La publication scientifique des collaborations @LIGO & @ego_virgo est cosignée par 74 scientifiques français #OndesGravitationnelles @CNRS






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Savez-vous que les miroirs des instruments @ego_virgo/@LIGO ont été réalisés près de #Lyon? #OndesGravitationnelles pic.twitter.com/NLugm7iXq6


Le traitement de surface des grands miroirs @LIGO et @ego-Virgo a été réalisé au #LMA à Villeurbanne



Les #OndesGravitationnelles détectées 100 ans après la prédiction d'Einstein www2.cnrs.fr/presse/communi… pic.twitter.com/gfrlsycSct







#OndesGravitationnelles Pour en savoir plus cette détection, un article de #CNRSleJournal bit.ly/1PFnYYH pic.twitter.com/uGzYxggrU6






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