Torsion fields - Kozyrev Mirrors - Biocommunication - Remote Viewing

"Many Western scientists who have explored these topics, most notably Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, call them “scalar waves”, but we feel that “torsion waves” is ultimately an easier term to use, since it continually reminds us of their spiraling nature. The reader should be aware that in all cases, what we are dealing with is simply an impulse of momentum that travels through the medium of the aether / ZPE / physical vacuum, and does not possess electromagnetic qualities."
"In 1996, Russian Drs. Akimov and Shipov wrote that:
To date, world periodicals reference to torsion fields amount to the order of 10,000 articles, belonging to about a hundred authors. Over one half of those theorists work in Russia alone."
"In 1913, Dr. Eli Cartan was the first to clearly demonstrate that the “fabric” (flow) of space and time in Einstein’s general theory of relativity not only “curved”, but it also possessed a spinning or spiraling movement within itself known as “torsion.”"
"This area of physics is typically referred to as Einstein-Cartan Theory, or ECT."
David Wilcock's show on Gaia - [#89]: Kozyrev's Mirrors and Biocommunivation


(9:32) "Torsion Field: Einstein's Metric Torsion. Tensor allows a a spin-field to twist spacetime".