Remote neural monitoring and actuation


Microwave/radiowave monitoring: brain signal modulates carrier

Neural heterodyning


Remote EEG/ EEG cloning



fMRI, NMR (proton) /MRI


Remote fMRI and magnetic resonance current density imaging based on the proton signal



ESR (NMR for electron) &

double proton electron NMR


Remote magnetic resonance current density imaging based on the electron signal

& the combined proton - electron signal (Overhauser imaging)



NMR for ions


Remote magnetic resonance imaging based on the neural signaling ions Na+, K+, C-, Ca2+



Resonant energy transfer



Microwave/radiowave monitoring: brain signal modulates carrier (modulation of phase and amplitude)

Neural heterodyning:

Modulation of the carrier by brain signal with the purpose of transmission is a mixing process represented by the term heterodyning.

Process facilitated by:
1. Interference of beams to generate a carrier with a frequency that provides optimal modulation
2. Use of frequencies for which the human head acts as electromagnetic cavity resonator (450 MHz range).


RNM (rat)

Remote neural monitoring

(remote EEG)
demonstated experimentally in the rat in 2014

Interference used in deep brain stimulation

Use of temporal interference for brain activation - Neurons follow the frequency of the interference pattern



RNM Malech patent retrofitted in weapons in 1970s 

Remote neural monitoring (EEG)

and interference

patented for RADAR/conventional transmitters and retrofitted in weapons in the 1970s 

Head as electromagnetic cavity resonator & DARPA scientist warning on cell towers

Warning of unlawful use of cell towers in the 450 MHz range - Head modelled as ~10cm sphere is a EM cavity resonator

RTL-dongle as spectrum analyzer to test 450 MHz hypothesis

An inexpensive RTL-SDR dongle and a specialized program by Clint McLean for spectrum analysis





Microwave Auditory Effect, Laser Auditory Effect and Directional Sound

Microwave Auditory Effect: the most generally accepted non-thermal effect of electromagnetic radiation


Microwave Auditory Effect

Principle: Head tissue thermoelastic expansion and pressure waves reaching the inner ear (cochlea)


From clicks heard by RADAR operators, to patents for sound modulation and the military term "V2K"

Laser Auditory Effect


1. Photoacoustic effect

2. Laser-induced plasma effect



1. Sound modulation and mimicking human speech

2. Discomfort effect for deterrence 

Directional Sound


Large sources or parametric arrays (loudspeakers)


Ultrasound heterodyning 


Audio spotlight