Remote neural monitoring and actuation with ELF and ELF-modulation of carriers - Techniques inducing resonance of most important ions for neural signaling, i.e. Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca2+

A research team under A. H. Jafary-Asl showed that in the Earth's magnetic field, "the harmonics of power line frequencies could produce a time-varying field that would induce nuclear magnetic resonance in at least two common atoms of living tissue—potassium and chlorine". 


Biological responses upon conditions of ion magnetic resonance and ion cyclotron resonance - The ion forced oscillation hypothesis

Biological responses upon ELF and ELF-modulated fields - Interpretation based on hypothesis of ion resonance frequencies

Biological responses upon modulation of carrier waves with certain extremely low frequencies (ELF)


Certain low frequencies induce strong biological responses either on their own or when used to modulate electromagnetic waves. This may be due to resonance.

In 1975, Bawin and Adey discovered the "calcium efflux effect" which consisted of the efflux of calcium ions from chick brains irradiated with 147 MHz modulated within a certain "window of frequencies" having a maximum at 16 Hz. Other biological responses were induced upon modulation of 450 MHz or 2.45 GHz carrier waves with 16 Hz.

An interpretation has been provided by the ion cyclotron hypothesis based on the fact that 16 Hz is the cyclotron resonance frequency of potassium. 

In general, biological responses upon ELF and ELF-modulated fields may be interpreted based on ion resonance frequencies.

Ion cyclotron resonance


Details on electron

cyclotron resonance 



Ion-forced oscillation 



Ion magnetic resonance 



MR frequencies





Brain entrainment upon modulation of carrier waves with certain extremely low frequencies (ELF) - (cf. hypothesis of ion resonance frequencies)

Brain entrainment with ELF modulation

Brain waves can follow the ELF modulation on a radio signal - Initial demonstration by R. Adey group



Impression on the brain of fields at ELF frequencies

Selected brain rhythms (e.g. 13 Hz in caudate nucleus) manipulated by ELF-modulated VHF

(R. Adey group)



Ross Adey on mind control reseach

Ross Adey, prominent EM bioeffect researcher, director of Space Lab who performed EEG telemetry of astronauts from space, speaks to CNN (1985)



LIDA ELF pulse generator

Soviet generator inducing a hypnosis effect used for therapy or interrogation




Disputes in 1976-77 over Air Force RADAR operating near frequency shown by R. Adey to induce maximal calcium efflux from chick brains



CNN Special Assignment (1985) "Weapons of War, Is there an RF Gap?"

RF weapons, electromagnetic mind control research

State Department  reply to CNN on RF weapons

State Department responds to CNN in 1985 that "RF weapons is a subject too sensitive to discuss"



Dr. Delgado's experiments with magnetic fields

Yale professor Delgado, following famous implant experiments, proceeded to magnetic field experiments



CNN reproduction of Soviet RF mind-interference experiments 

CNN reporter asks scientists to reproduce RF mind-interference machine from data found in Soviet scientific literature and test it on him


Dr. Becker comments on CNN experiment

CNN requests opinion of Dr. Becker on mind-interference experiment



Mind control weapons


Proposals/projects by Navy, Air Force, National Labs, Woodpecker and Soviet research

Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control - Hypnoidal frequencies & Microwave effect


MKULTRA Project, Intracerebral Radio Stimulation and Recording, Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control etc.




The "CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification" (1950-1973)

Intracerebral Radio Stimulation and Recording

Implanted Electrodes - Radio Stimulation - EEG Telemetry



Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (CIA)

Brain entrainment using microwaves modulated with frequencies conducive to hypnosis



Allegation on the use of the 4.5 Hz (theta) rhythm

Adey et al discover slow-wave theta rhythms which may subserve information integration (consolidation) and conditioning 

RHIC combined with microwave auditory effect and hypnosis

Microwave auditory effect: from clicks to intelligible speech and to covert uses and weaponization 




Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) - Electronic Brain Link (EBL) 

Two-way Electronic Brain-Link, Brain-to-Brain link, Brain-to-Computer link, EMF Brain Stimulation


Biosignal intelligence and SIGINT 




RNM & EBL allegedly used by the NSA 



Complex EM wave triggers evoked potentials in brain



Brain macro /microcircuits with resonance signatures



EBL allegedly used by secret UK base



Event & stimulus, evoked response, event-related potential waveform and its components, evoked potentials

Auditory event-related potential



Binaural beats

Brain synchronization via auditory stimulus presentation



Visual event-related potential



P300 event-related potential component



Motor-evoked potentials/ VEMPs

(Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials)