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4 tables rondes animées par Nicolas Martin (La Méthode Scientifique) et une leçon de l'astrophysicien Hubert Reeves






L. Krauss Lecture on Cosmic Natural Selection

The Darwin Day Lecture 2017 - British Humanist Association - London, 2017-02-10


L. Krauss: Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist, Professor at Arizona State University - PhD MIT, Harvard Fellow, former Professor at Yale





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Quoting BHA tweet: "Evolution according to ... Darwin Lecture! "




L.Krauss refers to "The First Great Unification".




L. Krauss refers to "The Second Great Unification".




The nature of empty space: Particles popping in and out of existence




Ι got a copy of L. Krauss' new book: "The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far". Delighted that he kindly signed it during the signature session!



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2017-01-24 Conférence "Les dix plus beaux objets quantiques" du Pr. Julien Bobroff


Photo de l’association « Prolific » (@prolificassociation sur facebook)


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2017-03-02  Conférence de la série "La Recherche en Horizon 2037" par Pr. Julien Bobroff 





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2017-01-13 Conference Frugal Science "Innovate for Health" with the echOpen community at Espace des sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes


Speaker: Olivier de Fresnoye (@OFresnoye)


Notes: Two thirds of the world do not have access to medical imaging like echography (necessary for diagnosis of many pathologies, for pregnancies etc). The computer processor of a smartphone is much more powerful that then the computers used for echography not so long ago. Therefore a smartphone-based echographic solution would be ideal. A person that goes to the emergencies with a condition like pulmonary edema (fluids in lungs) could have a diagnosis 5 hours later (wait in line for doctor, then for imaging, then for results etc) and possibly be at risk. With portable echo units in the emergencies, he could have a life-saving diagnosis immediately. Specialists say that these could reduce waiting time at emergencies by 50%. echOpen has developed an open source and low-cost echo-stethoscope prototype and medical professionals contacted are very satisfied with its performances. The echOpen community includes engineers, doctors, legal people and at some point some astrophysicists offered valuable insights on image processing! The instrument has been calibrated with phantoms (black boxes with instruments at specific distances). The team has collaborations with many universities in the world and has participated in SOLVE organized by MIT which supports solutions to world challenges. They will proceed with clinical trials.


2016 French Delegation to MIT SOLVE (, Solve France, inluded "echOpen" an open and collaborative project and community, led by a multidisciplinary core of experts and senior professionals with the aim of designing a functional low-cost (affordable) and open source echo-stethoscope (ultrasound probe) connected to a smartphone, allowing the radical transformation of diagnostic orientation in hospitals, general medicine and medically underserved areas.


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2016-12-01: Conférence du physicien & philosophe @AurelienBarrau @palaisdecouvert




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2016-12-06: Conférence du physicien & philosophe @AurelienBarrau at Centre Pompidou


Conference of Aurélien Barrau, astrophysicist, cosmologist and philosopher at Centre Pompidou on 2016-12-05


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“Beyond the Theory of Relativity”

With Laurent Sacco, scientific journalist of Futura-Sciences

Aurélien Barreau, Université Grenoble Alpes (Laboratoire de physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie) is a theoretician as well as an experimentalist working on dark matter and dark energy. He also holds a doctorate degree in Philosophy.

A picture of his work is included.


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