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#EUHaveYourSay: Launch of a public consultation on whistleblower protection at national and EU level 




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GCHQ Q&A on Twitter

GCHQ, the UK Government Communications Headquarters "which is the centre for Her Majesty's Government's Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) activities" ran their first live Q&A on Twitter with their Historian, Tony, on the history of Signals Intelligence.




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Europe's biggest hacking conference, the Chaos Communication Congress 



Germany's Chaos Computer Club is holding its annual congress - and 12,000 online activists have gathered for Europe's largest hacking conference


Article from SPIEGEL ONLINE translated automatically (and edited slightly)…/33c3-hackerkongress-des-chaos-compu…


The hacker community has a lot of issues to deal with this year at the Chaos Communication Congress ( From attacks on telecom routers (…/router-hack-wir-brauchen-einen-rese…), data leaks in companies (…/yahoo-hackerangriff-2013-betraf-meh…), measures against manipulation of the 2017 general election (…/christian-lindner-und-wolfgang-bosb…), there is enough of material for discussion until the end of December.


The event has been sold out for weeks. More than 12,000 attendees have signed up for the 33C3, which will be held for the last time at the Hamburg convention center (CCH). The venue will be renovated by 2019, a new location is not yet known.


(note: C3 stands for Chaos Computer Congress and the 33 is derived from an enumeration scheme - last year it was 32).


"The great influx shows that many people are enthusiastic about technology and combine this with a need for positive human utopias," says Linus Neumann of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). "They are not happy with many developments in politics and secret services, and are finding the right place to exchange ideas with the congress, and we will celebrate a great festival of knowledge and the community."


In fact, the lectures of the CCC event have an excellent reputation: their video recordings are sometimes viewed and extended months or years later. This year, the topics ranges from a start up for FinancialTech security (…/…/Fahrplan/events/7969.html), to a story of the Parliament. It involves major topics of 2016, as encryption versus investigative work, but also technology of the future such as virtual reality. A lecture features data of SPIEGEL ONLINE.


The human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor in the United Arab Emirates found out how hacking techniques are used by state secret services. Meanwhile the iPhone has been infected with the malicious software "Pegasus". The device sent sensitive data such as e-mails and staging points to an unknown attacker.


The Canadian Research Institute Citizenlab and the IT security firm Lookout analyzed how Pegasus has exploited the now closed vulnerabilities of the iPhone operating system iOS. One of the experts involved presents the "Pegasus" Internet in Hamburg. "This is the state hacking against dissidents," says CCC spokesman Neumann.


At this interface between technology and social relevance, the chaos communication congress will be highlighted. In addition to malicious software, for example, a game console are on the 33C3 similar to the WiiU and the Playstation 4 disassembled.

End of article from SPIEGEL ONLINE translated automatically (and edited slightly)


Wiki of Chaos Communication Congress 2016:…/ChaosCommunicationCongress2016_33c3






#Flashback2015 The 2015 edition of Europe's largest hacking conference, the «Chaos Computer Club meeting» (the 2016 edition is currently taking place in Hamburg, Germany)


2015-12-28 | Data security is 'deplorable,' say hackers at Europe's largest hacking conference, the «Chaos Computer Club meeting»


Article from DW Deutsche Welle (DW is Germany's public international broadcaster - also offers articles online)…/data-security-is-deplorable-…/a-18945674


« Germany's Chaos Computer Club is holding its annual congress - and 12,000 online activists have gathered for Europe's largest hacking conference. They accuse Google, Apple and Youtube of limiting access to information. »


Question: "The Chaos Computer Club traditionally reviews the past year at its annual congress. Have there been any positive developments concerning data security in 2015?"


Answer: "The status of data security is still deplorable; it's actually getting worse rather than better. The problem is that more and more surveillance technologies are being introduced, and while there is opposition, it's not as effective as we would like it to be. I can't see a positive trend at all in 2015."


Question: "Ever since the disclosures in 2013, we've known that the NSA has been wire-tapping in a big way. How free is the Internet today, two and a half years later?"

Answer: "There's been some progress. More data traffic is encrypted on the Internet, but it's by no means the rule. To the contrary, we see that the intelligence agencies are making sure that loopholes and procedures they've been following illegally so far are legalized."


"Take for instance new spying laws adopted in China that are similar to those set to be passed in the UK. The US is up in arms about China's legislation, but they rate the same laws in the UK as serving the fight against terrorism. That means the West is currently losing its moral integrity. That's not a good sign at all. Freedom in the net is limited to an alarming degree."


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C. Soghoian, principal technologist at ACLU, gives lecture at "Chaos Communication Congress" entitled "Stop Government Hacking"


Christopher Soghoian, Ph.D., the principal technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU Nationwide)" is a Washington DC based privacy and security researcher. He is the Principal Technologist in the Speech, Privacy and Technology Project at the American Civil Liberties Union." 


Christopher gave a lecture at Europe's largest hacking conference, the Chaos Communication Congress, held in Germany. It was entitled "Stop Government Hacking".

"After more than four years at the ACLU, he ll be leaving the organization on January 6, 2017 to join the new class of TechCongress Congressional Innovation Fellows."



33e Chaos Computer Congress via Le Monde

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In 2016 US Federal Trade Commission took action on ultrasound tracking identified by the Chaos Computer Club


In 2016, the US Federal Trade Commission took action on ultrasound device tracking originally identified by the German hacking club Chaos Computer Club who is the organizer of Europe's biggest hacking conference, the Chaos Communication Congress. Lecture by Vasilios Mavroudis on 2016-12-29 at this year's 33rd edition of the conference #33c3:


A lecture by Vasilios Mavroudis

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