Fox News tries the Dept. Defence “Heat Ray” crowd deterrence non-lethal weapon or “Active Denial System” (2012)



Fox News show featuring the story of reporter Peter Doocy:


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Fox News anchor: “Pentagon has a new tool to ease tensions with crowds but they're not using it just yet. Peter Doocy in advance tries it out for himself.”


Peter Doocy: “You can't see it hear it or smell it but it makes unruly mobs do this [0:16 a crowd simulating a hostile advance retreats rapidly]. The Defense Department's Active Denial System, a non-lethal weapon that can be used to control crowds, secure perimeters and keep pirates at bay. It could be a game-changer”.


Colonel Tracy Tafolla, Director, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons: “One of the things is that we can shoot first and ask questions later! Normally you can't do that!”


P. Doocy “The military says the Active Denial system is not radioactive, it's not a microwave and it's not a laser beam. It's instead a man-sized beam of millimeter waves* that can be fired from up to a thousand meters away that are designed to get the subject if they were standing on this X (mark) really really hot so that they move.


(*Note: 95GHz)


P. Doocy tries the system (gets a remote heat shock) and reports: “That it's about 50 degrees (10°C) out here right now but I just felt like it was about a thousand (500°C)! And I never been inside a tub that somebody dropped a hair dryer in but I would imagine that that's what it feels like!”


 “After about 1.5 seconds 1/64th of an inch (0.4mm) of my skin was a hundred thirty degrees (55°C) but as soon as I stepped away it was over and the DoD says there aren't any lingering effects. “


S. Miller, Air Force Bio Effects Research Branch: “There's no cancer risk, there's no risk to a fetus or reproductive capability, it's just heat”.


P. Doocy:  “But the DoD admits this system does have a drawback.”


Dr. Loree, Assistant Chief Scientist, US Air Force: "We are propagating through the air, we are therefore relatively line of sight and so we need to be line of sight with targets".


A prototype costs 10 million dollars and there are no plans to deploy one anytime soon. Marine Base Quantico**, Virginia. Peter Doocy, Fox News


**Home to US Marine Corps University, FBI Academy, DEA Academy


Additional comment by P. Doocey at the first video: “We are told that out of 11.000 people they have tested the system out on, they only had only two injuries and those were second degree burns from overexposures. But now there are measures in place to avoid injury and keep things legal and truly compliant.”


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What are the Non-Lethal Weapons (of the NLW Program) of the US Department of Defense


A pdf presentation form the Defense Innovation MarketPlace


About: "The Defense Innovation Marketplace website was created to be a consolidated resource for both DoD and industry to help enable this communication."


The presentation is found here:



Means for Crowd Control: Fielded Non-Lethal Weapons 


(images copied from presentation slides 6 and 8)




(4 selected weapons from slide 8 below)


A citizen asks the Massachusetts State Police what they use on the street

To provide an "inventory of all Non-Lethal and Less-Than-Lethal Directed-Energy Weapons currently in use on the streets of Massachusetts"




(The appeal of the citizen contains an impressive list of related US patents).



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Directed Energy Systems Symposium, 12-16 September 2016, Portsmouth, Virginia

Organized by the "Directed Energy Professional Society"
Related prior event: Cyberwar - Directed Energy Workshop
The cyberspace domain is characterized by the use of electronics and the electromagnetic spectrum to store, modify, and exchange data via networked systems and associated physical infrastructures. Cyberspace is a domain like land, sea, air and space and it must be defended. Although we have been operating in cyberspace for a very long time - since the invention of the telegraph, radio and radar - we now conduct the full range of military operations in this domain. Just as the sea domain is characterized by water to conduct operations, and the air domain characterized by operations in and through the atmosphere, the cyber domain is characterized by use of electronic systems and the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes all energy that flows through the electromagnetic spectrum--radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays, and directed energy. If an electronic system emits, transmits or reflects, it is operating in cyberspace, and we are there to take military action. The effects we can produce in and through cyberspace on our adversaries range from simple deterrence all the way to destruction and defeat - the full range of operational effects delivered against an adversary.



US Air Force policy directive for Safety of Directed Energy Weapons




The Air Force will ensure directed energy weapons (DEW) receive treatment distinct from conventional or nuclear weapons because of their characteristics (...)


1.1. A DEW is a system using a beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy (including but not limited to lasers and high power microwave systems), or atomic or subatomic particles (...)

1.2. Acoustic weapons use sound across the entire frequency spectrum to (...)



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Defense Science Board Task Force on Directed Energy Weapons

December 2007


Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
For Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics


Excerpts in the following section



Directed Energy - Non Lethal Weapons


"Dazzlers" reduce visual acuity


A Green Laser Dazzler attached to aM240B during the Iraq War.






The "Active Denial System" (ADS) or "Heat Ray" is a skin heater


Humvee with ADS mounted