"Protecting brainwaves considering signals intelligence advances"

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J. Giordano, professor of Neurology, DARPA & Pentagon advisor calls on Nations to prepare to address the neuroweapon threat ahead of the 2016 UN Bioweapons Convention 


Article by James Giordano, professor of neurology, member of DARPA's panel on neuroethics and Pentagon advisor

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Information on actions UN & US:


1. Note that: "The Eighth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention will be held in the Palais des Nations from 7 to 25 November 2016". US Dept of State site


"(UN) member states should establish a clearer view of today’s neuroscience and neurotechnology, a better understanding of present and future capabilities, and a realistic picture of emerging threats."


2. In America, federally funded medical research with potential military applications can be regulated by Dual-Use Research of Concern policies at the National Institutes of Health, which reflect the general tenor of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention


3. I would also argue that the United States and its allies should take the proper security precautions in the form of increased surveillance of neuroscience R&D around the world. 


(credit: Article provided by peacepink member Gina Marie Risner)




Ethics & Society Subproject 12 of the Human Brain Project (HBP): "HBP activities with potential for military-warfare uses".

Excerpt from article by Dr. James Giordano
Dr Giordano:
Researcher in HBP's Neuroethics & Philosophy Group at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics, Uppsala University.
Professor of Neurology, Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program and Co-director of the O'Neill-Pellegrino Program for Brain Sciences and Global Health Law and Policy at the Georgetown University Medical Center.
Member of DARPA's panel on neuroethics, legal, and social issues, and serves as a senior science advisory fellow to the Joint Staff at the Pentagon.
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Weaponizing the Brain: Neuroscience Advancements Spark Debate


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Book by Dr. Giordano

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Military Neuroscience and the Coming Age of Neurowarfare

By Armin Krishnan


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When neuroscience leads to neuroweapons

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